The Nishat Hotel Customer Satisfaction Survey

Getting things right for you is an important part of what we do and we really do like to hear your feedback about your stay with us. 

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Part I

Please respond to the following statements using a one (1) to five (5) scale. One (1) is strongly disagree, (2) is disagree, (3) is neutral, (4) is agree, and (5) is strongly agree. 


Your check-in experience was quick, friendly, and hassle-free.
Your check-out was quick and effecient.
Your room was clean, comfortable, and well appointed.
Your bathroom was clean and in good working order.
Your bed was comfortable.
Everything in your room was in working order.
You felt safe and secure in the room/hotel.
If you disagreed with any of the above statements, please comment as we value your feedback.