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Updated Guide to Find the Best Wedding Hall in Lahore

Mar 9, 2022

As the wedding season begins, everyone starts looking for the best wedding hall in Lahore.


In this blog, you will find out 5 crucial points to consider while opting for an ideal wedding hall. 

How to Find the Best Wedding Hall in Lahore? 5 Key-points

Wedding halls are preferred mainly over outdoor venues in Lahore due to unpredictable and harsh weather conditions.




How much does wedding hall cost in Pakistan?


The answer to this question depends upon how much you want to spend on your wedding hall. Customization, luxury amenities, great add-ons such as DJs, dance floors, hiring singers, and many other factors contribute to the total expanse of the wedding hall in Pakistan.


However, in general, wedding hall costs in Pakistan can range from a hundred thousand to 30-35 crores.


Let’s get down to the list of significant vital points in choosing the best wedding hall in Lahore.

Number 1: Wedding hall capacity

The capacity of a wedding hall to accommodate guests is essential and the leading factor to consider while choosing the best marriage hall in Lahore. 


The capacity of the wedding hall should be enough to cater to the number of guests on your invite list easily. Although the number of guests invited depends upon you, there are some points to consider while planning the guest list and deciding the capacity of the wedding hall.


Things to remember:


  • A smaller wedding of around 80 to 100 guests would at least require 1000 square feet for an easy sit-down dinner.
  • If you are planning for a larger wedding of around 250 guests, you would at least require an area of 3000 square feet.
  • While analyzing the space of the wedding hall, also keep into account the space for the followings:


  • Food station
  • Music system/DJ
  • The stage for the bride and groom
  • Gifts table
  • Dance floor



Number 2: Location and Surrounding of the wedding hall

This point is where you need to have a clear vision of all your choices and preferences. Everyone has a different idea of their wedding day. The location and surroundings of your wedding depending upon where and how you want things to be planned. 


If most of your guests are arriving by airplane, you would like to consider a wedding hall near the Lahore airport. 


Some might want to have a wedding hall away from the bustling city and rushy area and instead prefer a location in the peripheries or outskirts of Lahore. 


While some people might even prefer the most accessible areas and surroundings within the cities and desire to book the best wedding hall in Lahore in places like Gulberg or Johar Town. 


While looking for the wedding hall location and surroundings, brainstorm the following points;


  • Your vision 
  • Your guest list
  • Your budget 
  • Realistic goals 



Number 3: The quality of catering services

Remember that good food is a good mood, and all that makes the best impression at the end of the wedding is incredible food and flawless catering services provided, which determines the best wedding hall in Lahore. 


What service is commonly used in catering?


There are many catering service options for weddings, and most wedding halls offer the following services;


  • Platted services
  • Gueridon service
  • Full silver service
  • Buffet service 
  • Live cooking and BBQ service 

Make sure you research this part and get feedback from clients and check for the rating of the catering services of the wedding hall you are looking forward to booking for yourself. 

Number 4: Efficient parking layout

Most people forget to consider this when selecting the best wedding hall in Lahore, but their guests will suffer from parking issues and inconvenience later.


Why is parking space important?                              


Make sure the hall fulfills the following parking space properties;


  • Convenience
  • Parking space
  • Parking restrictions
  • Parking safety
  • Parking security

Last on the list,

Number 5: The perfect ambiance

A wedding is an unforgettable day in a person’s life, and your wedding hall must have the perfect ambiance and mood for your special moment to happen.


Each wedding hall has its ambiance, but you are totally in charge of making one of your own.


Here are some ideas to set a perfect ambiance for your big day:


  • A traditional ambiance
  • Modern wedding style
  • Natural ambiance with botanical arrangements
  • A simple and low-key ambiance
  • Romantic and dramatic ambiance


These are the essential factors to consider while choosing the best wedding halls in Lahore.


Are you running out of time?


Still can’t find the best wedding hall in Lahore?


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