Top 7 Types of Hotels in Lahore to Book in 2022

May 26, 2022

From all-inclusive luxury hotels to basic morning coffee inns, you can find various types of hotels in Lahore. Some types of hotels are pretty similar while having distinctive features. 


Finding the correct type of hotel in Lahore can be overwhelming even after a great deal of research. Are you confused about what to book for your next visit to Lahore? Don’t worry; listed in this blog is one of the most famous hotel options to book.

7 Most Popular Types of Hotels in Lahore to book in 2022

The following hotels are categorized based on various factors such as,

  • Size
  • Built
  • Location
  • Number of facilities
  • Level and availability of services


Let’s dive in.

1: Boutique hotels

Boutique hotels are smaller than an average five-to-seven start hotel and can usually accommodate up to 100 guests. The central concept of a boutique hotel is to provide luxury and extra amenities to the visitors by attracting them with fancy decor and special offers. The best hotels in Lahore are located in exciting places with nearby hospitals, shopping malls, and eateries. Boutique hotels operate independently and target elite guests and customers who have a high-end lifestyle.


Want to know about the best boutique hotels in Lahore? Nishat Hotels are the ultimate answer to that. You can’t better luxury built and facilities anywhere other than Nishat hotels in Lahore.

2: Chain hotels

This is the most common type of hotel that you can find in Lahore. Chain hotels are more excellent in number and typically come under a single owner or chairman. Chain hotels are based on many rooms and aim to accommodate a more significant number of guests.

3. Motels

Motels came into being a decade back and are known initially to cater to travelers who are especially taking the highways or expressways. Motels are very limited in offering extra services and amenities. Usually, you will only get a room with basic facilities such as a bed and an attached bath, and they might provide a single meal without any options.

4. Resorts

A resort is a fancy version of accommodation usually located at exceptional destinations. People often book reports for special occasions such as destination weddings or private events.


Resists offer extended amenities which are similar to that of boutique hotels. The significant difference between a resort and a boutique hotel is that a boutique hotel has limited space and a small number of rooms. In contrast, a resort is based on a vast area with outdoor spaces, outdoor swimming pools, outhouses, and more.

5. All suites

As the name suggests, an all-suite hotel means that all the rooms are designated suites. However, the name all-suites makes the trailer easy to identify the specific hotel with suites only.


A typical all-suites property offers the following amenities:


  • Guest rooms
  • Kitchen areas
  • Separate living areas
  • Cooking accessories


All-suite hotels are usually named under the brand names of their company.

6. Conference Center Hotels

Conference center hotels are an extended version of hotels that combine a hotel and a meeting space for corporate guests. These spaces are not ordinary meeting facilities; rather, conference hotels can cater to many guests and allow various set-ups and arrangements for meetings, entertainments, corporate dinners, buffets, and much more.


Other than the meeting facility, the typical corporate hotels offer the following amenities:


  • Overnight rooms
  • Catering
  • Locations and themes
  • Personalization and on-demand customizations
  • Large spaces to hold events
  • Corporates halls and meeting rooms
  • Ideal location near business spots

7. Extended stay hotels

Most luxury hotels, all suites, and corporate hotels are designed to cater to travelers for a shorter period. So, if you are looking to stay for longer such as up to; weeks and months, extended stay hotels are your ultimate solution.


Extended stay hotels in Lahore are popular among national and international business travelers.


The best part: extended stay hotels also offer private kitchens for the cooking facility. You can even get studio rooms based on nights and days and adjust the budgets according to you.



What do stars describe a hotel?

Stars are the rating system of the quality of service a hotel provides. While talking about quality, many things come into account; guests’ amenities, rooms, special offers, and complimentary services.

What is the best 5-star luxury hotel in Lahore?

Nishat Hotel is one of the best 5-star luxury hotels in Lahore, a one-stop for all sorts of travelers. Nishat offers boutique hotels with extra luxury amenities and conference hotels with world-class meeting space. Can you decide on a good hotel that fulfills all your needs? Book with Nishat Hotel and have it all under a single roof.


Nishat hotels are unrivaled luxury hotels in Lahore, known for their excellent guest hosting and mega national and international events at the most competitive prices.

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