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7 Luxury Features That Are Worth A 5-Five Star Hotel Room Price

Nov 30, 2021

Best 5-star hotel room price deals in 2021

Want to know what it is like to stay at the luxurious Nishat Hotel at the most economical 5-star hotel room price?


You must have heard about all the incredible things you get to do at luxury hotels and most important staying in lavish rooms and enjoying extended luxury amenities.




Staying at one of Nishat Hotels’ luxe rooms is a different experience full of unbelievable features that you can ever imagine at a cheap price and hence why Nishat Hotels have topped them all!

Couple happy after see the Hotel room price

1. Lowest Lahore hotel room rent:

While talking about the Nishat Hotel Johar Town, you are not mentioning just an average hotel, rather this is staying at the most luxurious 5-star hotel in the city of Lahore.


Every single aspect of the stay experience is one of a kind, but can you imagine all happening for the lowest hotel room rent? Well, you heard it true. 


Compared to all the luxury hotels in the area Nishat Hotel Johar Town has got the maximum luxuries covered in the most economical Lahore Hotel room rent.


Bonus advantage: the hotel also offers awesome hotel deals and HUGE booking discounts to live for! 

2. Wide range of luxury rooms and suites:

Once you get to look down on the long list of various rooms and suites to choose from, you’ll get overwhelmed with where to start.


The perks of a High-end hotel: a luxury hotel like the Nishat Hotel thinks and plans differently than the average competitors in business. The goal is to provide a bit of everything extra.


Nishat Hotel Johar Town offers you the following rooms and suites:


Deluxe King Room
Deluxe Twin Room
Executive King Room
Platinum King Room
Royal Suite
Presidential Suite


A lavish list of rooms and suites uplift Nishat from just being a luxury hotel rather it seems like a castle in the sky!

3. Lavish in-room dining menu:

To expect a world-class in-room dining menu at an affordable price at one of the most luxurious hotels in Lahore is insane. The list of food items simply keeps going under synchronization including

Hotel room dining

Do you know?


That the Nishat Hotel Johar Town has the most professional team of master’s chefs with years of experience across the country. Even if you didn’t know you know the worth of the 5-star hotel room price that you can confidently pay at the Nishat Hotel. 

4. World-class room services:

This is the most crucial part of a hotel room stay – the room service. Most luxury hotels don’t pay much attention to the performance of their room service staff and the quality of experience their guests have which ultimately lowers the overall impression despite the hotel’s luxuries and facilities.


But the Nishat Hotel managing and service staff believes in full dedication and legit quality. The room service is extraordinary and 24/7 available for any type of assistance.

5. First-class on-site fitness facilities:

If you have prior experience of a luxury hotel stay with average facilities and cliché services, this part would take you back into the thoughts and memories when you had nothing to do while staying in your hotel room. There might have been a single view to get you bored all day.


Cheer up! Because at Nishat Hotel Johar Town life is a crazy dream come true.


It has two awesome on-site fitness facilities to facilities all its guests with the extra royal tint.


The state-of-the-art indoor swimming pool – which will take to into an exotic trance.


World-class, heavily equipped gym –  which is as lavish as the entire hotel itself.

6. Extended 5-star room amenities:

The worth of paying the 5-star hotel room price has got a lot more!


Exceptionally spacious: you wouldn’t have seen a hotel room/suite this big as it is in Nishat Hotel. 


Ultra-modern interior: if you are not a glamour world freak, you must know that this place is known for its luxury and ultra-modern built. 


Nishat is a brand in the world of glamour, this is a place where celebrities stay and get their photos taken and so the overall decor is unbelievably expensive and luxurious. 


Jaw-dropping in-room facilities: all the rooms and suites are equipped with plush bedding and expensive furniture to make you feel like a royal member. You have your very own vanity space. The room theater system for your leisure time in bed – simply too much to enjoy!

7. Fast and smooth check-in:

Lastly is all depends upon how does it start – the check-in process. The warm hotel staff waiting to help you with every single detail. Ask them over and over, they will let you solve all your issues:


What are the discount offers?
What hotel deals are beneficial for you?
What are the formalities of booking?
Which room is more suitable for you?


And whatnot?




If you are planning your next hotel trip and wondering if the 5-star hotel room price is worth the bucks, they demand? Simply book your stay at the Nishat Hotel right now to spend the most undoubted luxury stay under a budget

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