Grand Ball Room Styling Ideas for Wedding by the Experts

Jul 29, 2022

Ballroom weddings are always one of the favorite options for couples planning their marriage despite the styles and number of guests on their list. There might be many similarities between ballrooms and other luxury venues, but the fact is stated that a grand ballroom is much more elegant and mesmerizing. With creativity and a sense of design, any ballroom can be converted into a grand ballroom ready for your magical wedding ceremony. Read great ballroom styling ideas unmasked by prominent management personalities and design insiders.

Experts Styling Tips for Grand Ball Room Weddings

Whether you want a high-end luxury and modern touch to your ballroom wedding or stick to the vintage and rustic vibes, the following ballroom styling tips can make any venue stand out for your big day.

1# Divide the space

The significant advantage and challenge of the grand ballroom wedding are that you can play with ample space to bring the change. The traditional and tedious way of managing the area would be to arrange a table with the dance in the center and a pavilion at the focal point. But you want to take the styling to the next level, and here is the tip; divide the grand ballroom into designated zones and create a warm, welcoming vibe. You can have space for cocktails, photo booths, a dining area, and the dance floor.

2# Take up the vertical space

You can ace the decor by taking up the vertical space. Add some candelabras and topiaries and place tall vases on the center tables. Putting tall decor items will add height to your area, and you can add an illusion of various levels of the space. You also need to play with the vertical space by adding fancy installations to the ceiling, such as florals, greenery, and lights.

3# The proper lighting can do wonders

How, where, and what type of lights do you add t your site impacts the dynamics of the entire venue. Lightning depends on your theme; if you plan to have a classic ballroom wedding, go for the vintage chandeliers and glamorous lights, whereas to have a romantic, intimate function rather, go for built-in lighting, simple and casual hues. If candles seem too much expanse for your wedding, you can always try the following alternatives:


  • Up-lighting
  • Twinkle lights
  • Color wash

4# Your color palate is your masterstroke

Since a grand ballroom can have a color theme of its own, you must choose a color palette wisely. Note down the colors already present in the room, take plenty of notes, and look for the best combination that can go with the current colors of the space and the ones that will also comprehend your style and theme.

5# Draping the walls and the ceiling to add drama

If there is not much to experiment with, the color palette here is a better and bigger alternative to ensure everything works like magic. Adding drapery to the walls and the ceiling is a great way to make everything look majestic and add more drama. Drapery is used by one of the most famous wedding planners all over the globe, the reason being that it is the best quick and fool-proof solution to upscale the grand ballroom. Add some lights to the walls; the up lights are the best solution to accentuate the corners and the walls.

6# Place a focus point in your ballroom

The focal point should always be towards you. Add some statement-making pieces and look for the latest trends. For example, an intriguing table runner or a unique background can strike to be the show-stopper of your wedding. If you want to follow the latest trends, choose what you love and not what the influencers love. Of course, you can always pick something or get something customized to add a personal touch to the entire space.


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