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Stay Away from 8 Most Common Lahore Hotel Room Problems

Jun 29, 2022

When you think about the idea of a Lahore hotel room, your imagination fills up with a glamorous room decorated with elegant furniture and endless amenities. You expect the hotel staff to greet and serve you with their best devotion and a permanent smile. While this is the envision of most people when they book any little hotel without proper research and ratings, in reality, only the best 5-star hotels like Nishat Hotel can fulfill your dreamy hotel stay and believe the same for other Lahore hotels might end up to be a disaster.

Common 8 Issues Related to Lahore Hotel Room

Let’s talk about the most common Lahore hotel room problems that guests have to suffer when they book underrated hotel rooms for their stays. If you plan to secure the best hotel room in Lahore and want to ensure that you don’t face any of the below-listed problems, make sure you book your stay online with the Nishat Hotel right now and head towards a magnificent hotel experience along with surprise discounts and offers.

1: Bad room odor

This is one of the most common room issues in mediocre hotels. The rooms are never properly cleaned, and you can’t blame the guest who visited before you. The spaces often smell very bad, and the hotel staff is negligent in catering to such issues.

2: Dealing with the noisy neighbors

No matter how much an underrated hotel ensues about your comfort and privacy. When it comes to noisy neighbors, nobody will step forward to help you. So, for example, suppose you aren’t lucky enough to get a room in a good location. In that case, you might get caught in a space between noisy neighbors who will not let you sleep, rest or have quality time with your family. Getting peace of complaining about such issues from the hotel manager or hotel staff would be too much to ask.

3: Hot and Cold-water issues

Thinking about getting off from a long flight, checking in to your booked hotel, and finally entering your bathroom, you figure out there is no hot or cold-water supply. Visiting in winter and expecting hot waters to shower on you is only a dream if you haven’t booked with the best hotels in Lahore. Sometimes the hotel staff manages to resolve the issue or move you to another room, or most of the time, the problems are unsolved.

4: Temperature control malfunctions

In a hotel with water and noise issues, expecting a perfectly suitable room temperature would be a dream. A standard temperature is often set for the room, which might be easier to stay in, but in extreme temperatures such as hot or cold months, you would require a calming temperature to accommodate in a hotel room. Most of the time, underrated hotels don’t fix their air conditioners and heaters; they don’t serve any of them at all.

5: Free Wi-Fi is not available

Can you even imagine not having internet or free Wi-Fi in your hotel room in 2022 when everything depends on super-fast and functional internet connectivity? Nobody can.

Instead, this is a more frustrating issue for any guest staying in a hotel already dealing with so many hotel rooms

6: Cockroaches and other guests in your room

Expect anything and everything in a mediocre hotel room. For example, you might have to tolerate bed bugs, drugstores bugs, beetles, cockroaches under your beds and in the cabinets and closets, worms and millipedes in the washroom, etc. The cleaning staff of underrated hotels is not regular with maintaining the room’s sanitation and cleanliness, and nobody bothered to make sure the place is safe and hygienic for guests to stay.

7: Low quality food

Ordering room service for in-room dining and food is a true luxury to enjoy but is only available at the best 5-star hotels in Lahore. An underrated hotel is primarily short of good food options, and there is nothing much on its menu. Some mediocre hotels might not even offer any in-room dining services unless you have to get up and buy food for yourself.

Are they worried much? Take a chill pill because all these issues are only limited to the 2-star or less rated hotels in Lahore. A true luxury Lahore hotel room is magnificent, equipped with the latest technology, and ready to serve royal lifestyle goals for all national and international guests. These dreamy rooms are exclusively offered only at the Nishat Hotels in Lahore. So don’t waste your time and money and book with the Nishat Hotels right now.

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