COVID-19-Omicron Variant Hitting the Hospitality business

Feb 3, 2022

The most current stressed issue is the rising cases of ‘Omicron,’ the new variant of the COVID-19, which has taken the entire globe by storm!


Did you know: The cases exceed twice as fast as the Delta Variant!




What is Omicron? 

What are the best possible precautionary measures that can save your life?




How much worried should you be?


Read the article till the end to have a complete breakthrough about the possible 5th wave of the Corona Virus.

Omicron - New Variant of COVID-19 Makes a Global Alarm

You must have known so far that most countries have swiftly elevated border restrictions, and high public awareness campaigns have started to pop out everywhere on digital and print media.


The world is again drowning in fear of the new wave of coronavirus, and this time the experts have named it ‘Omicron.’ 

All the COVID-19 (Omicron) facts that you must know!

  • The World Health Organization reported the first case of the Omicron variant of the Corona Virus in South Africa.
  • The risk of infection increases day by day and has now affected 15 other countries.
  • According to the current research, there are still so many unknown aspects of the new variant, and experts have not figured out the intensity and deadliness.
  • Good news: the PCR test can detect the new variant, and there is a high probability that the old protection protocols might work for us all.
  • Bad news: the possibility of the Omicron to over-compete Delta variant still remains 50-50!
  • The most prominent omicron virus symptoms, according to the African doctors yet known are as follows:
  • Sever fatigue that stays for days 
  • Headaches
  • Body aches 
  • General pain 

What are the points of serious concerns related to current COVD-19 statistics?

There are still many unsolved mysteries about the Omicron variant raising the destruction alarm and creating a significant research gap despite the fast transmission and global spread of the virus. 


The most dangerous concerns are as follows:


  • How deadly the new variant is?
  • How deadly are the health risks for people contracting the new variant?
  • Do the current vaccines show resistance to the Omicron? 
  • Which age groups are more likely to contract? 

Pandemic-initiated growing crises in the hospitality industry

The deadly coronavirus swept the world’s population and has hit on many industries and businesses in the past, considering the deep concerns of the safety and lives of people. The most significant impact is laid on the hospitality business across the globe.


Recently the hospitality business just managed to get stable after a big stir in financial statistics, yet again the predictability of the future loss and destruction is beyond approximation.


Both revenue and supply chain factors have seen a skyrocketing decline amid the coronavirus due to large-scale shutting down of restaurants, hotels, cinemas, shopping malls, and extreme disruption of the travel ecosystem.


But we are incredibly proud that the Nishat Hotels have joined hands with government protection campaigns against the COVID-19.


We at the Nishat Hotels are fully committed to fulfilling the highest hospitality responsibilities towards our society and the guests. 


All the Sops and protocols have been followed throughout. In addition, it will require every individual person to join hands in following the protection protocols and current COVID-19-omicron guidelines. 




This is undoubtedly not an end to the hospitality industry. Every situation brings new opportunities as we have learned new food delivery concepts, human capital sharing common grounds, security plans, etc.


We have all our emphasis laid on the best possible solutions for financial maintenance for the working staff and guests, making it a secure and corona-free environment as much as possible.

How can you protect yourself? (Best precautions and Sops to follow)

1# Follow your current COVID-19 protocols by the national and local health authorities.

2# Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter.

3# Always wear a well-fitted mask (both outdoors and indoors) covering your mouth and nose. 

4# Get fully vaccinated.

5# Choose well-ventilated spaces for compulsory gatherings (if allowed).

6# Strictly repeat hand-washing hygiene.

7# Promptly get a doctor’s help if you feel unwell. 


Remember: The most effective tool to fight against the new variant of COVID-19 is getting vaccinated!


There are two penitential reasons why getting fully vaccinated is the best option for you:


Number 1: Keeping in mind the resemblance of Omicron with that of the Delta variant, the spread was much more in unvaccinated individuals. 


Number 2: Vaccination might optimize the degree of protection against the Omicron variant. 

The bottom line

Omicron – the new variant of COVID-19 is now a global issue, and there is still a massive gap of facts and data. The widespread and rising transmission cases can point towards serious health issues and concerns. 


Follow the Sops and safety precautions directed by your local health authorities and visit a medical expert if you doubt symptoms or feel unwell. 

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