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Hotel Booking has greatly hit amid Covid-19

Jun 30, 2021

Since the inception of the world’s deadliest pandemic- Covid 19, the hotel industry has seen a major pull back. The world was introduced with a global shutdown in the previous year. As we speak, 5 million people has been brutally affected with the virus. And the number is ever increasing. To name a few, the hotel and banking sectors are the two mostly impacted niches worldwide.

With the latest statement released by the SG of UN, the world is still in an awe of coping with the pandemic set back. The world as a global community has started to normalize their operations amidst this pandemic. That being said, the hoteliers have also resumed the hotel booking for the visitors after two years of complete lockdown. Couple of countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom have partially opened their flights for global citizens. Soon the world would back to normalcy.

With hotel industry resuming their hotel booking, the mega giant-Nishat Hotel has also opened their hotel services for its esteemed clients in the vicinity of Lahore. The hotel has introduced an array of best deals in Lahore for the citizens planning their stay in the city of gardens. So if you have scheduled your visit this summer, the Nishat Hotel is certainly giving you the most affordable yet budget-friendly hotel booking rates against a single click.

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