Nishat Hotel vs. PC Hotel Lahore: 2022 Cricket Match

Apr 29, 2022

Cricket is a sport loved by millions and billions from every corner of the world, but the craze and joy have become even more significant for cricket and cricket fans in Lahore.


Recently a vibrant and exciting cricket match was set between the famous Nishat Hotel Lahore and its competitor in business Pearl Continental Hotel. 


Let’s dive into the highlights.

Nishat Hotel vs. Pearl Continental Hotel: Cricket Match Highlights

The entire event has been a significant turning point for breaking the norm of tantalizing corporate workload and getting along on a standard cricket pitch!


Both Nishat Hotel and PC Hotel are leading competitors in the hotel industry in Lahore, Pakistan. Being one of the most recognized hotels in Lahore, the competition is always tough between the two.

A sneak peeks about the Nishat Hotel Lahore:

The Nishat Hotels is a dynamic project of the Nishat Group, a famous Pakistani multinational conglomerate company owned by the business tycoon Mian Mohammad Mansha – the current CEO.


Nishat Hotels are one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Lahore. They are known for their boutique hotels embellished with luxe decor, intricate interiors, and world-class amenities at the most affordable prices!


Moving on,

Cricket match details:

The match details are summarized in the table below:

Date 16th April 2022
Overs 8 overs (best of 3)
Winner of the cricket match Nishat Hotel Team

The bat and ball sports match involved the two most significant corporate competitors, the Nishat Hotel team and the Pearl Continental team, with 13 members on each side.


The match has aimed to score more runs than the opposition team, which was carried out beautifully by the departmental heads of both the hotels. Most of the action took place in the second over of the match when the general managers of Nishat Hotel and PC Hotel stepped into the cricketing battlefield.


The entire match was lauded by the spectators and guests invited, especially by both sides; epic shots were hitting the stumps and bails, jaw-dropping boundaries by the enthusiastic batters, and countless bounces.


The cheers and hooting on every boundary ball and player drop filled the atmosphere into nothing less than a world cup cricket match.

Nishat Hotel - The All-Rounder Winner:

No matter how ace teams get into the cricket match, only the best team with the most runs wins the game. Nishat Hotels managed to make the most score by delivering some worth-watching shots and effortless fielding. Despite losing the match, the PC Hotel team ended the game with high sportsman spirits congratulating the winner Nishat Hotel team.


Nishat Hotels are not just one of the leading luxury hotels in Lahore; instead, the entire management is embodied by critical business strategies, great minds, loads of teamwork, and effortless hard work to win any match.

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