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Pakistan Cricket Board Hosted PJL Bidding at Nishat Hotel

Sep 9, 2022

Pakistan Junior League Bidding Event – PCB Arranges Cricket Update

On September 8th, 2022, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) held their biggest cricket bidding event – The Pakistan Junior League (PJL) bidding. The PJL is a crucial tournament that brings together the best of the best players to participate. The bidding event took place at the luxe Nishat Banquet Hall GBR among the star-studded guests and board members to decide on the upcoming cricket matches and make official declarations.

The Enthralling Pakistan Cricket Bidding Event

Yesterday, Pakistan cricket news was in the limelight when the Pakistan Cricket Board held a bidding event for its Junior League at the Nishat Hotel. In attendance were some of the world’s top cricketers, board members, and the chairman. At this momentous event, the following iconic personalities graced the A-list:

The Chairman of the League:

Mr Javed Mian Dad


Colin Munro

Imran Tahir

Vivian Richards

Shahid Afridi

Shoaib Malik

Darren Sammy

This was not only an extraordinary event because it offered players an opportunity to leave a permanent legacy for cricket Pakistan but also because promoting sports is being used as part-and-parcel in helping spur growth and development in its own right.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)

It’s that time of the year again! The Pakistan Junior League player names are revealed, and the Board is getting excited as well as the cricket fans. Everyone is eager to see the future development in cricket from these players and hope it will be a success for Pak cricket. The highlighted event was arranged by Pakistan Cricket Board at Nishat Hotel. Representatives and personalities arrived for this bidding event, where they bid on young, promising cricketers who have performed well at lower levels of cricket.

Moving on,

The Pakistan Cricket Board is an executive body which implements a state policy to promote and develop cricket in Pakistan. Its primary purpose is to ensure that cricket in Pakistan is managed professionally and that its best standards are maintained. The organization controls all international teams representing Pakistan, including men’s, women’s, and Under-19 teams. In addition, the Board regulates domestic competitions through provincial cricket associations affiliated with it.

The Board provides all support, including material resources, logistics and other facilities, to national cricket teams participating in international competitions like Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). This Board is self-sufficient, contributes handsomely from its revenues towards Cricket Development activities and monitors cricket news and aspects at the grassroots level.

The Major Bidding Event Turned Out to be Splendid

The cricket bidding event was a great success as icons attended and bid for Pakistan Junior League. The luxury set-up, catering, and venue facilities were a significant turn-out, drawing even more attention to the event. Overall it was an important turning point event for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and a big cricket update for the fans and sports industry.

Visual Insights of Pak Cricket Bidding Event Set-Up at Nishat Hotel:

Who is the King of Cricket?

The cricket game is popular in Pakistan and the national cricket team is still flourishing with time, leaving no stone unturned to be the best cricket team in the world. The List of the Kings is endless, may it be the bowlers or batters:


Javed Mian Dad

Waseem Akram

Younus Khan

Muhammad Yusuf

Imran Khan

Shahid Afridi

Naming just a few among many unrivalled cricketers of all time, as every match and opportunity crown a different king based on true dedication, skills and unbeatable performance. The eyes are now drawn upon the upcoming Pakistan Junior League tournaments to unmask new jewels of Pak cricket.

What Rule of Cricket has Never Changed?

In cricket, there is one rule that has never changed. According to the MCC Laws of Cricket: More than eleven players can’t participate in a match simultaneously. This rule has been around since 1889. While it may have been updated slightly to reflect modern gameplay, the basic premise of this rule still remains unchanged. Apart from this, choosing the magnificent Nishat Hotel for hosting the grand cricket event indicates that Pakistan cricket never settles for less than the best.

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