5 Pasta Dishes to Try from the Best Place for Dinner in Lahore

Jun 6, 2022

Food in Lahore is perhaps the most fantastic thing to experience in Pakistan; if you are a foodie, welcome aboard! If you haven’t tried the Cube Restaurant by Nishat Hotel before, this will be your very following food bucket list. The Cube is one of the most famous luxuries fine-dine restaurants located in the heart of Gulberg Lahore. The place offers one of the best Italian cuisines that you will never find anywhere else. Read about 8 delicious pasta dishes on the exclusive menu of the Cube Restaurant and fall in love with your next pasta spot already. 

Pasta Expert - Best Place for Dinner in Lahore

When it comes to serving Italian food in an Asian country like Pakistan, what a foodie might fear, or question is the authenticity of the Italian dish. Well, this restaurant is all about that. You can find out the best and most authentic Italian entrees on the Cube’s menu. The ambiance is warm and classy, while the air is filled with Italian seasoning and savory aroma. So, let’s get down to the list of 5 kinds of pasta that you must try from the best place for dinner in Lahore.

1# Spaghetti with Prawns

This pasta will grab all your attention for a moment, as you will see a beautiful and silty plate of pasta with prawns and unique spring onion pesto. This pasta is nothing less than a plate of divine Italian flavors. Those who have not tried this fantastic pasta from the Cube restaurant will fall deeply in love at the first bite.

2# Linguini with Mushroom Ragu

Can’t decide what to eat? Linguini is your ultimate answer, the pasta that will beat all your flavor records. This luxury pasta is juicy, cheesy, and remarkable of its kind. The spicy garlic flavor is a real stir in the whole drama. This is one pasta that becomes your go-to meal when out of ideas.

3# Fettuccine Carbonara

This is a classic Italian dish pasta, loaded with cheese and silky smooth butter and chicken. While the authentic recipe is quite controversial outside Italy, the master chefs at the Cube Restaurants have earned the authenticity just for your taste buds.

4# Spaghetti Bolognese

This is your classic family-friendly go-to pasta dish that can be best enjoyed with the entire family. It’s a kid’s favorite and adults’ best go-to pasta dish. The pasta is super-economical and easy to enjoy as a whole batch. Enriched with the flavors of rosemary, carrots, onions, and minced beef and balanced with the juicy and citrusy plum tomatoes sauce. It seems like you are craving it already.

5# Penne Alfredo

This is certainly not the regular penne alfredo pasta that you could see in every corner of Lahore. The recipe is authentic, and the herbs are garden fresh. The richness of alfredo is the building block of this unique saucy pasta dish. The penne typify the Italian vibe while fully dipped in the alfredo and topped up with mushrooms and some secret seasonings.


All the great dishes from the Cube restaurant are masterpieces loaded with flavors and tender meats. The authenticity and world-class food experience credit go to the kings and queens working in the Cube Restaurant kitchen. Nishat Hotel has made its big name in restaurants by appointing the best of the best chefs.

Some attributes of our Master Chefs at the Cube Restaurant:

The master chefs at the Cube restaurant are full of passion for their cooking and food. A mega commercial kitchen at the Cube requires persistent stamina to maintain the quality and level of service. We proudly celebrate the excellence every day delivered by the entire team of chefs and the kitchen staff. The creativity and flexibility of imagination, platting, and presentation are miraculously balanced with the preciseness of quantities and time given to every plate served to the guests.


If you want to invest your money in some good Italian food, come straight to the Cube Restaurant by the Nishat Hotels.


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