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Proven Event Planning Tips: Easy 3-Steps Guide

Nov 2, 2023

It takes skill to plan an event without going through some issues or troubles. Coordinating and organising your way will be easier now that you’re here with us. Throw away all the difficulties you’re worried about and get all the tips on planning an event.

A 3-Steps Guide of Efficient Event Planning Tips

In the process of planning an event, you’ll have to go through many predicaments. Factors such as deciding on a venue or choosing a date can change the outcome. You’ll have to think about everything before deciding. The first thing on your To-do list should be deciding the theme of your event. Everything revolves around the theme. Be it the venue, decoration, or the type of catering service you want.

Our lives have become faster and more dynamic then the past times and in this ever-evolving environment everyone is striving to create the best memories and quality time with their loved ones. Celebrations and events can never go out of trend but it has become a major challenge to host amazing events efficiently. The most highlighted events celebrated in 2023 and coming years are as follows.

1. Corporate Events (Meetings, Conferences)

2. Social Gatherings (Weddings, Birthdays)

3.Entertainment Events (Concerts, Exhibitions)

Let’s break down the ultimate strategy based on the proven event planning tips for a successful celebration.

1# Preparations for Perfection

The main objective of your event is to make sure that the people present have an amazing experience so let’s talk more about that. First of all, figure out the type of audience you’re expecting. Is it family and friends or is it your colleagues and people professionally connected to you? Figuring it out will help you clear up what you want to accomplish. The next goal is to find out the amount of people attending your event. The figure doesn’t have to be exact, just an estimate of the audience you’re expecting.


Let’s talk about how all this is going to help us in planning our event.


  • Knowing who’ll be there at your event will help you create the desired ambiance. Corporate events have a formal nature and the smallest detail can upset your event. On the other hand, social events and gatherings are based around celebrations and tend to be more relaxed.
  • Preparing a guest list will create a required capacity in your mind which will further help you choose a venue. Planning around the number of attendees will help you plan accurately with that extra bit of personalization.

Still, worried if your event will be liked or not? Worry no more as Nishat offers its first-class venues for you to plan your events around.

2# The One To Contain It All

Now that you’ve done all that, let’s talk about the venue you have in mind. There are a few things you have to keep in mind when choosing a venue.


  • Budget: Your budget will decide even the most minute details about the venue you’re choosing so keep it in mind.
  • Event Concept: Gatherings may require a large hall and work-related events will need a venue with easy access to all your needs.
  • Date and Availability: Make sure to check if the venue is even available for your specific date as it can prove to be problematic.

These were the factors that can help smooth your process and now that they’ve been talked about, let’s talk about the actual process of booking your venue. Firstly, look around some venues that match your event theme. Then check which venue is available in your budget.


Now that you have the venues that fit both your theme and budget, visit them and ask around about all the critical details ( Catering, Decorations, Layout, and Capacity ). Now that you have the venues that fit both your theme and budget, visit them and ask around about all the critical details ( Catering, Decorations, Layout, and Capacity ). The only thing left to check is the availability. Match their availability with your event date and get a reservation. You’ve got yourself the perfect venue for your special event. Pro-tip: Book yourself a spacious and elegant banquet hall at Nishat Hotels now!

3# Brilliance Alongside Grub

An event is not much without its exclusive nourishment. All your hard work can completely go to waste if the catering service isn’t good so let’s make sure to avoid that. How to avoid it? Let’s talk about how you can ensure a pleasurable experience for everyone just through the food you’ll be serving at your event. As always, the refreshments should match your occasion.

  • Professional Meetings and such don’t need full-fledged meals and some graceful snacks will be enough to impress all the participants.
  • Most “In-Formal” events require a decent meal to make it worth everyone’s while. Make sure to take dietary considerations before making any decisions.

In short, corporate events are better left with an elegant note to impress everybody present whereas functions such as weddings and birthdays require a mature meal.

One thing to know is that the duration of the event can change it all.  Presentation is what matters in short events and staying energetic is important for occasions that will last long. What to serve? Will it be enough? All of these questions can mess with your head but they won’t last long. Nishat offers luxurious and fragrant Catering services for you to enjoy.

To Wrap It Up

There are many tips and tricks to evade troubles when planning an event. Let’s talk about a few. Choose a venue that has the capacity you need according to your guest list. Know your audience! Knowing your audience will help set up your event and it also makes sure that the occasion goes smoothly. Dietary considerations are much needed before you make any decision about the catering to make the whole event worth it for everybody.  The best solution we have for planning your event is working with Nishat Hotels. Nishat offers luxurious and elegant banquet halls to serve as your venue. Not only that but their first-class and appetising catering service is sure to leave an impression on all the attendees. Plan your event now with Nishat Hotel.

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