Rooftop Wedding Venue – 9 Viral Ideas to Consider

Jan 20, 2023

Saying “I do” on a rooftop is just so dreamlike. Your ceremony will be much more memorable if you frame your vows against a jaw-dropping backdrop, whether it is the vibrant location of the north of Pakistan or the stunning skyline of Lahore. You and your partner will feel as though you are on top of the world when you make your marriage official from several floors up.

Rooftop weddings provide ample space and a blank canvas to design your ideal day, thanks to open floor plans. There are numerous ways to elevate the space, including a black-and-white modern aesthetic or a colorful celebration with elaborate floral arrangements. We have the best wedding venues and jaw-dropping deals at the Nishat Hotel. Click Here.

Rooftop Wedding Venue: Viral Ideas from Top Global Designers

It is essential to consider your decorations carefully because you will want the scenery in the surrounding area to be the main focus. You will be more likely to succeed if you prepare for every possible scenario. Here are nine ways, explained by the best wedding planners and designers in the world, to host a rooftop wedding that your guests will never forget, including amusing fashion moments and stunning dinner settings.

1. Consider Using a Minimal Decor.

The view is unquestionably a rooftop venue’s greatest asset. As a result, you’ll want to ensure your decorations don’t take away from the scenery. Instead of obstructing your rooftop views, choose low, lush decor. A triangular arch adorned with flowers and ghost chairs is a subtle decoration that won’t overshadow the surrounding landscape if your ceremony is held high above the ground.

2. Set the Intent.

With a well-designed stationery set, you can give your guests a glimpse into your wedding on the rooftop. You can decide on a color scheme and style for your event by including important information like the date, time, and location of your ceremony and reception in your invitations. Saying “I do” on top of a building with a view of the city works well for modern black-and-white invitations. If you want to give your loved ones more clues about your upcoming day, you might want to include a picture of your rooftop venue.

3. Don't be afraid to use colorful accents.

Using too many bright colors can block out the view, but using just a few bright colors can make a big difference. If you want to design your rooftop wedding with a bold decoration, pick one feature that you want to highlight and keep the rest of your decorations to a minimum. Confused about the best wedding theme? We have global hits and can arrange anything you want. Check out our website.

4. Wear something classy.

Even though you have the right to wear whatever you want on your wedding day, a shiny gown looks excellent on a rooftop. For rooftop weddings in Lahore, a dress with intricate embroidery, soft colors, and a trail of buttons down the back is a timeless and elegant option.

5. Add some amusing accessories to your look.

Naturally, wedding dresses would not be complete without accessories. If you’re saying your vows on top of a building, adding accessories will help you build on your venue and achieve your desired look. For a rooftop wedding, think of chic accents with a touch of glitz, like this sweeping cape, a modern headband with a birdcage veil, and printed heels with traditional jewels. The more fun you can have with your accessories, the simpler the dress.

6. Utilize Lucite Signage to Greet Guests.

Because it is transparent, lucite decorations are ideal for rooftop weddings because they reflect the surrounding environment. The glass-like element will blend seamlessly into the landscape rather than drawing all attention to itself. You can use acrylic as the base of your welcome sign because it is a popular alternative to paper. Using a modern font and a black stand, you can give your signage a contemporary edge. The Nishat Hotel wedding venues are the real head-turner. Click here for amazing opportunities and world-class wedding set-ups.

7. Give it a touch of nature and the tropics.

For rooftop weddings, saying “I do” in the middle of skyscrapers isn’t the only option. From the center of Lahore to the outskirts, there are numerous rooftop locations where you can exchange vows with the sky and lights as a backdrop. Deliver your vows in front of a wooden arch adorned with white buds and palm leaves to complement the bustling city setting.

8. Photograph yourself at dusk.

You will probably want to capture your first few moments as newlyweds after the ceremony. Stay on the rooftop after your friends and family have left to take a few pictures as the sun goes down. The “golden hour,” which provides the most flattering lighting for photos, is the hour before and after sunset. You will also preserve the breathtaking views that made your wedding unforgettable by having a photo shoot on the roof.

9. Choose a classic color palette when in doubt.

Black and white is a timeless yet contemporary color combination that works well for industrial-themed city weddings. The surrounding cityscape will be the focus of attention when you paint your rooftop ceremony in neutral colors because they will blend into the terrain.

In A Nutshell

Observing the Nishat Hotel illuminate as the sun sets is the epitome of magic. At the Nishat Hotel, we wrap up your rooftop reception with a special meal with a view of the horizon. String lights and rattan lanterns can be used to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Our versatile colors will give your reception a timeless touch without overpowering the picturesque backdrop if you’re wondering how to decorate your tablescape. Without music, a party is nothing. For a golden hour, we can hire a string quartet, and for your reception, a live band will set the right mood. When you book your wedding with us, we will ensure that everything goes according to plan!

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