#1 Sunday Brunch in Lahore at a Low-Budget

Aug 17, 2022

This blog is not just about the extravagant brunch but also one in your budget. Getting the best food at one of the luxurious hotels is tempting and satisfying. Whether you are trying Birsto by Nishat for the first time or have already fallen in love with it, listed in this blog are some of the best food options to have at your brunch for one of the most delicious experiences.

Bistro Nishat-Sunday Brunch in Lahore: Classic Foods to Try

Before diving straight into the list of entrees, pull over for some frequently asked questions:

What is considered a brunch?

Brunch is another name for a meal especially served after the late morning, typically after breakfast, and before the afternoon. So basically, a meal which is taken in between breakfast and lunch.

Why do they call it a brunch?

While there are a few theories behind this trend, the word ‘brunch’ was used for the first time in a publication called Hunter’s Weekly back in 1895 and became one of the classic trends in the United States of America and later was adopted by the rest of the world.

What are the different types of brunch?

The common types of Sunday brunch in Lahore includes the following:

  • The desert brunch – is exclusively for the sweet tooth club. There are muffins, pancakes loaded with maple syrup, chocolate chip bread, and Nutella.
  • The classic brunch – this is one of the most special brunches in which you have your favorite sandwiches, eggs, and treats.
  • The meat brunch – forget about the fruity cocktails and frivolous carbs because meat brunch is for meat lovers. You can find steaks, sausages, and charcuterie boards.
  • The healthy brunch – cleansing juices and detox drinks are the fame of this type of brunch. You can find juice bars, steel-cut oatmeal, various salads, and boiled eggs.

If brunch is your favorite weekend meal or just any day option, make sure you try the following entrees from Bistro Nishat Hotel’s menu:

Nishat Special Fajita Wrap

Chicken fajita wraps are everybody’s go-to flavorful option. Loaded with pan-roasted cajun chicken and stuffed with seasoned veggies such as bell peppers, onions, and cilantro, this is undoubtedly one of the most ordered food at the Bistro. This is not just a recommended food item but also one of the signature entrees on Nishat’s menu.

The Sandwiches

Bistro’s sandwich game is unbeatable around the town. The chefs know how to ace every variation of the sandwich, and you won’t be able to stop yourself while eating. Here are the best options to try:

  • Chicken sandwich with toasted bread
  • Beef sandwich
  • Tuna sandwich
  • Cheese and tomato sandwich

Lahori Fried Fish

Lahore is known for its spice and flavors; if you haven’t tried the Lahori fried fish at the Bistro Nishat, you are depriving your tastebuds worth the freshest and best-fried fish ever. The fish is infused with some secret spices; the chefs can feed you the best species and perfectly balanced flavors throughout the year.


Beef Schnitzel

A very delicious and must-try food entree. The beef schnitzel is presented with wild rocket, baton net veggies, and parmesan shaves. When you run your fork over it, you indulge in its crunchiness that will give your hand goosebumps.

Chicken Teppanyaki

This authentic Japanese cuisine is filled with flavor and packed in a single dish. The chicken is grilled on the iron plate and served with steamed rice. Undoubtedly one of the best food combinations you can eat in the most enchanting ambiance.

Last on the list is:

Opera Cake

Lastly, bless your brunch table with the classic opera cake. The elegant and unique opera cake will melt into your mouth. The presentation of the opera cake makes it even more splendid. The fresh and juicy layers are tough to resist, and guests mostly order more.

Whether you like a classic brunch or one loaded with variety, the Bistro restaurant by the Nishat Hotel has the best unbeatable entrees compared to any other sit-down spots for Sunday brunch in Lahore.

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