9 Clever Ways to Save Thousands at Best Restaurant In Lahore

Feb 3, 2022

This blog is excellent training for all the foodies who want to dine at the best restaurants in Lahore and globally. But, Sometimes find way too much in their pockets! Even if you are okay with your money-spending strategy, try these awesome hacks to save some extra bucks on almost everything – and who doesn’t like it? Below are some cost-saving ideas that you can implement right now! These will instantly save you money within seconds of reading this blog today!

9 Money-Saving Tricks To Try at Best Restaurants in Lahore

Even though savvy foodies may be the masters of clipping coupons and eating out on a budget, there are other ways to save money. You’re giving away free money if you use only some of the life hacks that are out there. You can reduce your spending by hundreds or even thousands of rupees with a little effort and creativity.

Thinking about money saving at restaurant

Trick# 1: Opt for buffet restaurants in Lahore

Dining out at the buffet restaurants in Lahore has a cost-effective advantage over other restaurants, and there are many reasons – why? The buffet restaurants offer an extensive line-up of food items with substantial serving portions, which are enjoyable at your own will. The price is fixed, but the combinations, varieties, and proportion of meals depend on you, and you are the boss!

Trick# 2: Study the menu before visiting

You must be thinking, why studying the menu is important?

Answers:  A menu is not just a card; you look out for your desired meal to see the price and order; instead, menus are practical advertising tools by restaurants for their guests. Studying the menu gives you a transparent view of prices, combinations, ingredients, and taxes. You can thoughtfully decide what meal is worth the payment and what could be avoided easily.

Trick# 3: Skip the appetizer

This trick could work efficiently at the best restaurants in Lahore, and it is a must-try! Most restaurants in Lahore offer complimentary slices of bread, soups, chips, and other food items, which can help you stay full before your main course arrives. In such a case, ordering an appetiser would waste your money without reason.

Trick# 4: Split your dessert

Try this cool hack if you love to dine out at restaurants with your family and friends. After eating a significant portion of your meal, you start to crave desserts, which is obvious!


Did you know? The restaurants know about your sugar cravings and exactly why the price of desserts is usually as much as the main course dish! A better idea would be to split your dessert with your best buddy. Sugar cravings are very short-lived to get full-filled by half a dessert, and you also cut the price to 50% less successfully.

Trick# 5: Look for the deals and discounts

Most buffet restaurants in Lahore, especially fine-dine restaurants, are always up to some deals and discounts to attract more customers and keep regular guests loyal. This is high time you avail yourself of the golden chance to save huge bucks on your favourite meals and plan celebrations accordingly.

Trick# 6: Hope in for lunch dates

Want to impress your friends and romantic partners with savoury foods that are totally on you? Well, here is the ultimate hack! Take them on a lunch date. The lunch timing hours are usually the happy hours of restaurants, which is also applicable for breakfast trimmings and brunch. Usually, the happy hours get you a discount worth 20 to 30% less than the rush hours, especially at night!

Trick# 7: Skip fancy beverages with meals

This trick is a super money-saver and a healthy step towards eating out. The fancy beverages are just a blend of sodas and ingredients. Try simpler; go with a glass of water, fresh lime, or simple club sodas—the only point of having a beverage with your meal is to swallow the food better. Why spend so much on that? Instead, save those bucks and try a different food item worth it!

Trick# 8: Get an up-size meal

This is a clever hack that restaurants wouldn’t want you to know! The up-sized meal might sound expensive, but if you have a deep analysis, that might save you a lot of money.

Think about it!

Why does the more extensive packing on goods always comes under your budget and be labelled as economy packaging? It is about the extra calories (food portion) vs the price incentive. You can get a lot more food portions for a little more pennies than the price paid.

Trick# 9: Plan your budget for eating out

Last but not least, planning a budget is always the best option, even when trying all of the above tricks. Planning your budget before visiting and doing in-depth research on the menu go hand in hand. It is clever to estimate your bills, calculate the taxes, travel expanse, and avoid budgeting chaos.

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A Final Word

Using the above money-saving tricks, you can enjoy food more and better at the best restaurants in Lahore over and over without getting broke and enjoy it like a boss! If you want an instant answer to eating world-class food on the lowest budget, then Nishat Hotel’s Bistro Restaurant is the best pick in Lahore for a perfect dine-out.

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