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What Is a Boutique Hotel? A complete Breakthrough

Apr 8, 2022

Boutique hotels are a fancy accommodation option in 2022 while you are traveling. The term’ boutique hotels’ was initially used in the United States and the United Kingdom for small hotels which have around 10 to a hundred rooms.


Boutique hotels are known and loved for their unique settings and upscale accommodation factors.  


Still wondering, what is a boutique hotel?


Well, keep reading to learn about various aspects of boutique hotels. You can also learn to compare a boutique hotel and a standard hotel. Traveling can be fun, but understanding the best hotels and hotel characteristics is imperative if you want to have quality time.


This blog has covered all the must-know details about boutique hotels.


Let’s start!

What is a boutique hotel? Definition, Concept & Breakthrough


1# A brief history of the boutique hotels

2# Boutique hotel definition

3# Characteristics of a boutique hotel

4# Difference between a boutique hotel and a simple hotel

5# Best boutique hotel in Lahore

The Final Takeaway


Let’s dive in,

A brief history of the boutique hotels:

Boutique hotels started to emerge back in the 1980s in one of the major cities in the world, including Paris, New York, San Francisco, and London.


The term’ boutique hotels’ was coined by Steve Rubell dating back to 1984 when he compared the Morgans Hotel. Morgans Hotel was the first hotel that he visited with Ian Schrager. Since then, the term has become the table-turner in the hospitality industry and has served as a great revolution in hotel concept and structure.

Boutique hotel definition:

A boutique hotel is a small-sized hotel with extensive embellishment, sophistication, and luxury.


There is a standardized definition of boutique hotels, but the term is widely used for hotels that fill specific characteristics and concepts of the boutique hotel.


There are many distinctive features of a boutique hotel compared to regular hotels, which are listed below in the blog. The primary emphasis of a boutique hotel is laid on the artistic sense, unique design elements, and a wow factor.

Characteristics of a boutique hotel:

Although there are no hard and fast requirements of a boutique hotel, a few specifications are needed to be fulfilled in creating a boutique hotel.

A standard guideline for boutique hotels has the following characteristics:


  • Smaller space – boutique hotels are smaller, and the rooms have a small space. You can find around 100 rooms in a single boutique hotel, but they allow suites with single and multiple bed settings.
  • Individuality – every boutique hotel will have its uniqueness. A boutique hotel’s design, layout, decor, and structure would be distinctive from others.
  • Ideal location – the concept of the boutique hotel is to be located in the most porch and readily accessible areas of the city.
  • Customized services – each guest can enjoy their personalized hotel stay experience with high-end luxury amenities to make your room feel at home.

Moving on,

Difference between a boutique hotel and a simple hotel:

For those who want to understand what a boutique hotel is in comparison to a regular hotel, the table below summarizes the fundamental aspects of boutique hotels and traditional hotels:

Boutique Hotel Regular Hotel
●     These hotels are more personalized.
●     People can get customized luxuries and amenities.
●     The design of a boutique hotel is unique.
●     These hotels are not a part of any chain.
●     The size is smaller, and there are usually 10 to 100 rooms and suites.
●     No boutique hotels are alike; every boutique hotel is distinctive from others.
●     The goal of a boutique hotel is to offer comfort and luxury.
●     Boutique hotels have the best staff to cater to guests’ preferences and issues.
●     Less personalized
●    A regular hotel provides standard extras to all, and there are rare options for getting any customized amenities.
●    Traditional hotels do not pay attention to design.
●    Usually, the hotels have extended chains.
●    A regular hotel has hundreds of rooms, and the size is massive compared to a boutique hotel.
●    Typically standard hotels share the same built, infrastructure, and design concept.
●    The goal of a traditional hotel is to offer an excellent place to stay.
●    The staff of a traditional hotel is less responsive than a boutique hotel.

Last on the list is:

Best boutique hotel in Lahore:

If you are a person of complete luxury and wow factor, a high-class boutique hotel is a perfect choice to complement your taste. Lahore is home to one of the best boutique hotels – the Nishat Hotels. Nishat Hotel belongs to one of the biggest multinational conglomerate companies in Pakistan, the Nishat Group.


Nishat hotels are known for their luxurious build and royal lifestyle. You dream it and Nishat Hotels has it. The staff is fantastic, and the Hotel is loaded with elite standard amenities such as: an indoor swimming pool, classy gym, and best-inbuilt restaurants.


The Unique factor: Nishat offers the most affordable rates on luxurious and best discounts in the entire city. You can also avail special offers and jaw-dropping complimentary services by booking right now! So, buckle and book your stay for the best boutique hotel experience ever.

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