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5 Ultimate Benefits Of Booking Cheap Hotels In Lahore

Nov 29, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Book Cheap Hotels in Lahore

Who doesn’t love the idea of getting cheap hotels in Lahore? but when it comes to expectations and experiencing what you get it mare disappointment! 


No need to pop that thought bubble: this is no more a fantasy! You finally have Nishat Hotel Johar Town to fulfill all your desires at the cheapest price possible in town.

female shopping at nishat hotel emporium
Want to know the ultimate benefits of booking our cheap Hotels in Lahore?

Benefit# 1: The only ultra-luxurious hotel in Johar Town Lahore:

Believe it, Nishat hotel is the most luxurious 5-star hotel in the johar town Lahore. Stepping in will take to you to a royal mirage that you have never experienced before, you will be walking on the glimmering floors surrounded by detailed walls through the mystic hallways and corridors.


The chic décor and expensive ultra-modern furniture fill every space with a lavish touch. Next, you get to choose from a wide range the luxury loaded rooms and suites all equipped with:


• Hi-tech amenities
• 24/7 room service
• Grand space
• Spa-like jacuzzi
• Mouth-watering in-room dining menu

Benefit# 2: You get the most versatile restaurant menu:

Imagine having an in-built world-class restaurant for a cheap price of a hotel stay.

luxury dinner buffet at best restaurant in Lahore

‘The Bistro Restaurant’ – Nishat Hotel, has elevated the standards of fine-dining with an extended selection of food palates, continental dishes, world-famous cuisines, heritage secret recipes of Lahori flavors helmed by the best team of master chefs across the country.


Nowhere else can you get the top-notch seating and charismatic ambiance.

Benefit# 3: World-Class shopping mall is under the same roof:

Shopaholics gear up! Missing out on Nishat Hotel is simply not your taste. 


‘Emporium Mall’ is the most visited humongous shopping mall in Lahore. It is designed to compete with the best Malls throughout the world.


How does the in-built Emporium mall benefit you?

You get hundreds of high-street brands along with local artisans.
There are 30+ renowned eateries at the mall’s food court.
Emporium mall allows saving the maximum bucks on fancy brand items by huge discounts offers.
You can save both time and money!

Benefit# 4: Jaw-dropping fitness facilities like nowhere else

When it comes to providing top-notch luxury amenities most expensive luxury hotels fail to fulfill highly important needs for example; top-notch fitness/wellness facilities.


Don’t worry Nishat Hotel has got you covered. 

Best Indoor swimming pool In Lahore

A grand infinity indoor swimming pool


Sounds exotic already! The state-of-the-art indoor swimming pool is one of a kind around the place. Immerse into the temperature-controlled highly quality controlled water and forget about the rest.


Swimming Pool details are as follows:


Length – 20 meters/60 feet
Depth – 4 feet
Width – 10 feet
Temperature – 30 degrees


The swimming pool is further surrounded by cozy couches and expensive furniture along with modern lighting that is perfect for the soothing ambiance of the entire space.


World-class fitness gym


For all those who can’t compromise on fitness, please wipe your FOMO off losing a quality workout away from their forehead because you get the most high-equipped and lavish gym at the Nishat Hotel Johar Town. 


The best part: 


You can work out with ease and privacy, regimens can be individualized, there are high-professional trainers to assist you at every point and the number and quality equipment are simply beyond excellence.

Benefit# 5: Easiest Lahore hotel booking and special services to blow your mind

Taking the idea of affordable luxury to the heights, Nishat has made its benchmark in providing all the extra services which matter.


Special offers include:


Discount offers and cheap hotel deals
Weekend packages
Royalty card to save more bucks


The list doesn’t end here:


Complimentary services are a bonus, these include:


Airport pick-up and drop facility
Complimentary breakfast
City tour guide
Ultra-comfort that will make you feel at home
Highly guarded security


Landing on to the last chunk,


Lahore hotel booking process is super easy and very simple for anybody who doesn’t want to get into complexities and formalities. Call for reservations or simply book online. Book early to get huge discount offers!


The Takeaway

luxurious cheap hotel in Lahore

Nishat offers luxurious cheap hotels in Lahore. You get can maximum luxury amenities at the most affordable price. The hallmark of Nishat is next-level Luxe presentations and set-up to fill every corner of the grand rooms and suites. 


The lavishness extends further to the Bistro Restaurant, Emporium Mall, fitness and wellness facilities making it one of the most-booked and high-rated hotels in Johar Town Lahore. 


The Lahore hotel booking process is simple, don’t make delays and SAVE MAXIMUM on BOOKING RIGHT NOW! And don’t forget to subscribe to the Nishat Hotel Newsletters to stay updated. 

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