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A Safety Guide to Swimming pools at luxury Hotel in Lahore

Mar 14, 2022

The idea of swimming pools at a luxury hotel in Lahore sounds fun and exciting. But most of us don’t pay attention to many adverse aspects of swimming in a hotel pool.


There is much more to think about than drowning and pool site accidents, such as contamination and poor sensitization. 


Can you get sick from swimming in a hotel pool?


Large bodies of water such as hotel swimming pools are exposed to so many people similar to that of the public swimming pools hence why there are chances of getting sick if the swimming pool management team is not efficient enough at your luxury hotel in Lahore.




What are the safety precautions in swimming pool?


If you are staying at a luxury hotel in Lahore with a super exotic swimming pool or looking forward to it, then it is high time you know the pool safety rules to prevent any health issues and problems.


Gear up! Because this blog has got you covered with the best pool safety rules.

Follow 11 Pool Safety Rules at Your Luxury Hotel in Lahore

Here is a list of the top 11 must-follow swimming pool safety rules you need to follow and enjoy a great swim at your luxury hotel in Lahore in 2022.


The List of Swimming pool safety rules that you need to follow in 2022:


1# Make sure the water is circulating correctly

2# Don’t swallow the pool water

3# Watch out for the things that do not belong to the swimming pool

4# Beware of strong odor

5# Look for the contaminators in the pool

6# Inquire about pool cleanliness from the hotel management team

7# Check the pool inspection code

8# Beware of slime

9# Make sure the pool water is not cloudy

10# Check for water discoloration 

11# Carry a test kit with you


Hotels are subjected to all preventive measures, but the guests and visitors must still follow the above-listed Swimming pool Lahore safety rules to avoid any complications.


Let’s dive into the details,

1# Make sure the water is circulating correctly – the circulation is essential to ensure that the pool’s water filter is not blocked due to any objects, vegetation, or filth. 


2# Don’t swallow the pool water – swimming pool water is not fit for drinking at all; even if the water is clean and fit for swimming, it can contain certain chemicals for water maintenance.


3# Watch out for the things that do not belong to the swimming pool – hotel guests using the swimming pool might bring objects to the swimming pool. Make sure you check the pool is clear of any unwanted things. 


4# Beware of strong odor – a strong smell of ‘chlorine means that there is NOT enough chlorine in the water required for the cleanliness of the water. 


5# Look for the contaminators in the pool – the list of contaminators includes the following, insects, filth, plants, algae, food items, urine, and dead-pool. 


6# Inquire about pool cleanliness from the hotel management team –you can inquire about the cleanliness schedule and regular maintenance of the swimming pool from the associated people appointed by the luxury hotel in Lahore. 


7# Check the pool inspection code – swimming pools usually have a displayed inspection code, and make sure the code is up-to-date. 


8# Beware of slime – muddy water means that the cleanliness of water is not done regularly, complaint the hotel management team promptly about it.


9# Make sure the pool water is not cloudy – usually, if the swimming pool is not cleaned regularly, a film of cloudiness develops in the bottom of the pool, a strong pointer that the water needs to get changed, and the swimming pool requires a deep-clean. 


10# Check for water discoloration – any water discoloration means that the pool water is filthy; avoid getting into the pool if you see any slight dissociation.  


11# Carry a test kit with you – A reliable water testing kit is a great option to ensure the swimming pool is ready for you to dive in and enjoy.

Can COVID-19 spread through water while swimming?

The excellent news: COVID-19 does not spread from the swimming pools directly. Instead, the virus is transmitted through the water droplets in the air or getting into close contact with an infected person. However, it is still mandatory that you follow the safety rules to avoid other bacterial and fungal infections.


A luxury hotel in Lahore with a lavish swimming pool can be a great amenity if all the safety rules are followed and precautions are taken.


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