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Best Services Offered by Hotels in Gulberg Lahore

Feb 4, 2022

The hospitality industry is striving hard to level up its hotels’ reputation, and the best way to do this is by improving their services and facilities. 


Nishat Hotels Gulberg is a gigantic name making its place on the top of the list for the best hotels in Gulberg Lahore. Nishat Hotels is a massively competitive hospitality chain focusing on location, branding, and architecture. 


But when it comes to the hotel services and facilities, the competition gets very heated, and Nishat never fails to win it!


Nowadays, guests and customers prefer to educate themselves on the best and worst aspects before booking. Hence, all those planning to book a stay must school themselves about the services provided by hotels in Gulberg Lahore



What Are The Services Provided By Hotels In Gulberg Lahore?

The hotel amenities provided at the Nishat hotels in Gulberg Lahore, including everything supplied by the hotels outside and inside the rooms, set themselves apart from other five-star hotels in Lahore, and these are as follows:

You can choose among a wide range of rooms & suites

No matter how big or reputed a hotel is, the customers always look up to more and more choices. Considering the fact and full fill the 100% satisfaction of guests’ comfort, you can choose from a wide range of rooms and suites


The accommodation options are as follows:


  • Deluxe king room
  • Deluxe twin room
  • Executive king room
  • Platinum king room
  • Royal suite
  • Presidential suites 
  • Nishat suite
  • Executive twin room
  • 2-beds apartments
  • 3-bed apartments
  • Penthouse 

In-room dining services and a fine dining restaurant

Nishat is one of the most demanded hotels in Gulberg Lahore regarding fine dining and the best food options. You can enjoy your in-room dining experience while resting in your cozy rooms and rejoice in the feel of being at home.

Apart from the delicious in-room dining menu Nishat Gulberg also offers its world-class fine-dine hotel restaurant, the “Cube Restaurant,” for you and your family to enjoy world-class local and international cuisines.

Best event catering services in Lahore

Nowhere else can you find this facility. Nishat hotel Gulberg offers the best outdoor and indoor event catering at the most affordable Lahore catering rates.


You don’t have to look for catering services or get into the compelling process of getting the best one. Nishat has already made its place at the top of the list. 

Top-notch health and fitness services

Every hotel work on this part of its services to impress the guests, and the guests should feel at home when it comes to their health regimens and wellness. 


Nishat offers a lavish indoor swimming pool for the guests to dive in and mesmerize in the temperature-controlled water. 


There is a top-notch gym at the Nishat Hotel, fully equipped with high-class machinery and luxury amenities for the gym freaks. 


The best part: You won’t be able to find a cheaper membership rate for a high-end luxury swimming pool and gym than this.

Events and wedding halls services

This is a golden perk of the Nishat Hotels, which most hotels in Gulberg Lahore lack. So if you are looking forward to the most lavish venues, dreamy decors, high-end weddings, and event management, then Nishat is the best option to cater to all your needs according to your demands and expectations.


Click here to learn about the luxury wedding and event halls. 

Corporate halls and business event services

This brownie point heightens the luxury standards of services offered at the Nishat Hotel Gulberg. You can now plan your mega-business events, crucial meetings, and business get to gathers with the utmost luxury amenities and world-class services. The classy aura of this hotel’s corporate halls will leave your business colleague in awe.

24/7 room service and customer care services

It has been accounted for and acclaimed by the national and international guests of the Nishat Hotel, including business tycoons, celebrities, travelers, and everybody around that the room services, availability of the staff, responsiveness, and customer care priories are nowhere catered better than the Nishat Hotel Gulberg.

Special offers and complimentary services

Moving on, 


The perks of Nishat Hotel Gulberg will leave you amazed by its special offers, which allow you to save huge bucks. In addition, you can avail many discounted packages and expensive vouchers.


Apart from the special offer, you get luxury complimentary services such as:


A full complimentary breakfast loaded with highly delicious food items without spending any money.

You can get a lavish airport pick up and drop

Enjoy a 100% secure environment

You can avail the city tour guide service to make it a dream stay.


Landing onto the last part,

Easiest Lahore online hotel booking

For those who have gone through bad experiences with hotel bookings and reservations and those who can’t make up for walk-in reservations, the great news is that Nishat Hotel has the simplest and easiest online booking services with fast confirmations and responses. 


You can also check the availability of your desired rooms and suites and compare rates. Lahore online hotel booking is nowhere smoother than this! 

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