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Fantasies of 15 Archaic Havelis: Oldest Places to visit in Lahore

Apr 5, 2022

The history of Lahore is a story of evolution, political incidents, and the preservation of times when Pakistan and India were a subcontinent ruled by the Muslim Mughals. Later Lahore became the hub of the Sikh ruler, and finally, the Sikhs were replaced by British rule. In 1947 the subcontinent got divided into Pakistan and India under the British rule. 


From the times of the Mughal Era to the present day, Lahore has managed to adapt and dominate its cultural and architectural survival for decades. Lahore was initially a walled city between the historic gates, but present-day Lahore has stretched to a greater area due to rapid urbanization in the peripheries. 


Most people only know about the historic mega-structures of Lahore, such as; the Lahore Fort and the Badshahi Mosque, but very few people have explored the old gems. This blog will break down the 15 oldest places to visit Lahore, which belong to the time of subcontinent and partition. 

List of 15 Havelis of Lahore:

Below is the list of enchanted Havelis that will be explored in this blog:


1# Haveli Asif Shah

2# Haveli Kaushal Singh

3# Haveli Raja Dhiyan Singh

4#Bangla Ayub Shah

5# Noorie Manzil / Noor haveli

6# Haveli Mian Sultan

7# Haveli Qamar Manzil

8# Barood Khana Haveli

9# Lal Haveli

10# Haveli Nau Nihal Singh/Victoria High School

11# Mubarak Haveli

12# Haveli Wajid Ali Shah

13# The Haveli of Baij Nath

14# Haveli Dina Nath

15# Haveli Mian Khan/ Mission school


Let’s dive in!

What is haveli architecture?

‘Haveli’ is a unique symphony of art and architecture, an Urdu word initially used for a townhouse in the subcontinent. The term is still used in Pakistani and Indian territory to describe a mansion or a townhouse of great historical and architectural significance.


If you ever had a chance to take a walled city Lahore tour, check out the following 15 mesmerizing oldest places to visit Lahore. 

1# Haveli Asif Shah:

The exact date of construction of this enchanted haveli is unknown, but you can find the place at the end of a narrow-paved street known as Shurjan Singh Street in the proximity of the Delhi Gate of old Lahore. The residents claim that the haveli belongs to the Mughal family. According to the locals, a family member married a Mughal princess and got this haveli as dowry. The place has a caretaker, and tourists can easily explore it. 

2# Haveli khushal Singh:

This is a famous haveli, as the place is now home to one of the best government colleges of Pakistan for women called the ‘Fatima Jinnah College for Women.’ The haveli is thought to be part of the famous Sikh ruler ‘Raja Ranjeet Singh’ reign. The haveli is totally enchanting with magnificent hallways, decorated courtyards, and several gardens.

3# Haveli Raja Dhiyan Singh:

This is a Sikh-era Haveli located close to the red-zone area of old Lahore. The haveli used to be triple in its size in the past but with the passage of time, the premises of this place have shrunk as locals inhibited the surroundings.

4# Bangla Ayub Shah:

This place is located near another historical gate of Lahore known as Kashmiri Gate. This haveli had a great significance in history as it has secret tunnels beneath.

5# Noorie Manzil / Noor haveli:

The 32 rooms building belongs to the Mughal era. The haveli is located near a place called ‘Chawk Matti’ and is used by two landowners as a residence. 

6# Haveli Mian Sultan:

Mian Sultan was a man who used to be a soap manufacturer in the times of Sikh rule in Lahore; the man was also known to be a great wrestler of his time. The Haveli is situated near the Delhi gate of Lahore. 

7# Haveli Qamar Manzil:

This place is the essence of old Lahore, located near the historical Bhatti Gate of Lahore; the haveli was constructed by Mir Qamar – ud- Din back in 1907. currently, 6 families use the 20-room building as their residence. 

7# Haveli Qamar Manzil:

This place is the essence of old Lahore, located near the historical Bhatti Gate of Lahore; the haveli was constructed by Mir Qamar – ud- Din back in 1907. currently, 6 families use the 20-room building as their residence. 

8# Barood Khana Haveli:

The magnificent Brood Khana Haveli stands as a masterpiece at the end of the red zone area of Lahore. This is also known as Mian Salahuddin’s Haveli. Today, this place hosts many cultural and transitional shows and functions. The 17th-century anesthetics make this place worth visiting. 

9# Lal Haveli:

For your information, this haveli is approximately 150 years old. Located near one of the famous historical gates of Lahore, the Lahori Gate. The place was built on a massive area at the time of the British period. There are three main floors, and the entire building is a substantial red-brick structure decorated with wooden window panes and intricate detailed doors. 

10# Haveli Nau Nihal Singh/Victoria High School:

If you are ready to get impressed with some magnificent architecture, then Haveli Nau Nihal should be on your bucket list. This is located near the historical Mori gate of Lahore. This used to be the private residence of Nau Nihal. You can find many decorated balconies, huge chambers, and halls. Pakistan government has now allocated this building to a school named ‘Victoria Girl’s High School.’


The building has a basement, and there are four stories above the ground levels; you can still see the embedded glass and artificial flowers on the walls. Unfortunately, most of the decoration has been destroyed over time.  

11# Mubarak Haveli:

This is the best architecture preserved in time. One of the oldest and finest havelis of Lahore, the Mubarak Haveli, is located inside the historical Mochi Gate of Lahore. The most striking fact about the haveli is that it was this place where the world-famous Koh-e-Noor diamond was recovered by an Afghan ruler.


This haveli was built at the time of Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah, and it took around three years to complete the construction of this building.

12# Haveli Wajid Ali Shah:

Wajid Ali Shah was the last nawab of the princely state of Oudh. The land is now called Uttar Pradesh and is part of Indian territory. Wajid Ali Shah was a man with a great taste in art and music, his place used to stay filled with musical nights and antiques. 

13# The Haveli of Baij Nath:

This majestic haveli is situated near the Delhi Gate of Lahore. The haveli describes the best vision of art and architecture of its time. The haveli has a rich Hindu history with lofty rooms and spectacular gateways. There used to be a fountain and a Hindu Temple built in. It is said that the haveli was home to 50 families after the Pakistan-India partition, and the place was sold later. 

14# Haveli Dina Nath:

This haveli is named after Dina Nath, the courtier of the famous Sikh ruler- Raja Ranjeet Singh. After the partition of the subcontinent, the haveli was transferred to the Muslims, and at a time, 5 families were residing in this magnificent haveli. The haveli portrays the typical essence of Hindu/Sikh architecture. 

15# Haveli Mian Khan/ Mission school:

The ginormous Haveli is state-of-the-art of its time. The construction began at the time of Mughal emperor Shah Jahaan and was completed during the reign of another Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb.


The city of Lahore hides decades-old buildings riddled with mysteries and enchanting architecture. If you are a history lover or just want to explore the hidden gems, head on to these oldest places to visit Lahore.


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