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Top-Listed 5 food street Lahore Destinations in 2024

Mar 25, 2024

From the most tempting local dishes to the pinch of the heritage spices, the city of Lahore is home to one of the best food options when it comes to local food.


If you are visiting Lahore this season, visit the 5 world-famous food streets of Lahore and experience the high-quality bar b q, smoked chicken, curries, and more!


What is the famous food of Lahore?


There are gazillions of options for you to try the mouth-watering street food options as there is the 5 most iconic street food nestled in Lahore.


Let’s dive in!

Food Street Lahore: 5 Popular Street Food Spots in Lahore

Lahore is known to be the taste hub of food lovers, and there is a reason why this city attracts the foodies like a magnet. The history and culture of Lahore are enriched with spices secrete recipes dating from the era of the subcontinent and the Mughal period.


The flavor and the trends of local street food are instilled into the streets of Lahore, and you’ll find mesmerizing aromas in every other corner.


A list of 5 emblematic food streets Lahore:


1: Lahore Fort Food Street

2: Old Anarkali Food Street Lahore 

3: Gawal Mandi Food Street Lahore

4: Lakshmi Chawk Food Street Lahore

5: M.M Alam Road Lahore


Let’s explore each of them in detail:

1: Lahore Fort Food Street

This food street Lahore receives massive flocks of locals and tourists all around the year; as the name suggests, the iconic food street is near the famous Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort.


Although there has been a lot of renovation and investment in this place, the essence of the authentic street built by the Mughal emperor is still preserved. The food street is right next to the Taxali Gate of Lahore.


You can observe the re-painted old buildings, century-old artworks, intricate details of the infrastructures, and old-paved narrow streets.


The night is different, with bustling roof-top restaurants decorated with lights, music, and the liveliest crowd.


Best local food spots of Lahore Fort food street:


  • Riwaaj Restaurants
  • Andaaz Restaurant
  • Cooco’s Den
  • Haveli Restaurant

Next on the list is,

2: Old Anarkali Food Street Lahore

Anarkali Bazaar itself is a hallmark of the best local shopping destinations in Lahore. The Anarkali food street Lahore is every food lover’s second most visited and loved place.


The eateries located in the iconic food street Lahore are old and preserve the rich history of the Mughal era. The place is heavily crowded by locals and tourists at night – as Lahore tradition, the food, and local food is best enjoyed with family at late night drives and outings.


However, since the Old Anarkali food street, Lahore, is located close to the Lahore Museum, you might even see huge crowds enjoying food during the day.


Best local food spots of Old Anarkali food street Lahore:


  • Yasir Broast
  • Quetta Namkeen Hotel
  • Bukhara Restaurant
  • Riaz Falooda Shop

3: Gawal Mandi Food Street Lahore

Gawal mandi food street Lahore is another big, crazy name for food lovers. This food destination is a popular favorite for many politicians of Pakistan.


Gawal Mandi food street Lahore has nestled some great flavors and dishes. The place is visited for mouth-watering street breakfast options in the morning and then best traditional curries at night. You can also enjoy grills, smoked chicken, and Bar B Que varieties at the Gawal Mandi food street Lahore.


Best local food spots of Gawal Mandi food street Lahore:


  • Yousaf Falooda
  • Amritsari Hareesa
  • Haji Sardar Fish
  • Sadiq Murgh Cholay

4: Lakshmi Chawk Food Street Lahore

If your tastes buds are ready to experience the roller-coaster of authentic flavors of Pakistan, then Lakshmi Chawk food street then Lahore is your ultimate option to visit right now!


This place is best visited for its delicious street food snacks, including crispy golden brown ‘Gol-Gappay,’ fresh and loaded ‘Dahi Bhalay,’ mouth-watering ‘Papri Chat,’ and the list goes on.


A pro-tip: try the following specialties of Lakhshami Chawk eateries which include; hareesa, Lahore chargha, tawa chicken, and the Lahore-famous halwa puri.


Best local food spots of Lakshmi Chawk food street Lahore:


  • Butt Karahi
  • Nishat Cafe
  • Nisbat Gol Gappay
  • Kashmiri Daal Chawal

Last on the list is a modern swirl of food street Lahore,

5: M.M Alam Road Lahore

Want to change your local food vibe? After enjoying the old vintage hues of the above-listed food streets, hop in for the urban transition of modern street food items that you can exclusively enjoy in the most porch area of Gulberg Lahore – the M.M Alam Road Lahore.

You can find the most hyped and liked eateries of Lahore including; luxury restaurants, outdoor cafes, and glimmering rooftops. The biggest names of some eateries that locals and tourists love to visit are; Tuscany Courtyard, Urban Cafe, Cafe Aylanto.

Best local food spots at M.M Alam Road Lahore:

Take Away:

Enjoying all the food streets and modern eateries in Lahore requires quality time and a good hotel stay to make your visit turn out to be the best food experience. Nishat Hotels are the leading 5-star hotel in Lahore for your extra-luxe holidays. Book your stay right now and enjoy golden offers and massive discounts. 

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