Best Hi Tea in Lahore – Get Up to 40% Discount

Sep 28, 2022

Are you planning for a high-end hi tea in Lahore and don’t know what is the best place to enjoy it? Nishat Hotel is one of the best establishments to offer world-class hi-tea in Lahore. Read the blog till the end to learn about all the aspects including; expanse, ambiance, options, and quality.

Best Hi-Tea Lahore: What to Expect at the Nishat Hotel?

Whether you are looking for a perfect birthday hi-tea, a romantic anniversary hi-tea, friends or colleagues getting along, or just you treating yourself. The Nishat Hotel has got you covered in every aspect.

The setting and ambiance:

The ambiance and setting are exquisite as Nishat is one of the biggest names in luxury hospitality. You can find a modern twist of interior decor with assorted furniture paired up with charismatic lighting and a perfect setting. You wouldn’t want to miss exquisite fresh pastries, finger sandwiches, and a steaming cup of tea in such a royal setup.

The table etiquettes and tea rituals:

Taking a hi -tea in a 5-star luxury hotel may always seem like getting into quirks of etiquettes. Nishat Hotel is for everybody. Suppose you are one of those who would want their purse to be at the side and napkin gracefully placed aside, then yes. In that case, you are in the right spot, but if you want to make the hi-tea a casual gathering with fun and funk, Nishat is one of those few places in Lahore that offers complete privacy and ease to enjoy your moments your way.

What's on the menu?

This is probably one of the best menus for hi tea in Lahore. Nishat focuses more on lighter and balanced flavors for everybody to be able to enjoy. It is classic yet scrumptious. The food categories are as follows:

Garde ManagerThis section is a show stealer of the entire hi tea menu. You can enjoy miniature sandwiches, assorted sauces and chutneys, traditional street food of Lahore such as gol-gappay, chaat, dahi bhalay etc.
SoupsSoups are mostly everyone’s favourite and reason why Nishat makes sure to impress all its guests to enjoy the best and authentic kind of soup recipes. Hot and sour, sweet chili, you name it and they have it.
Dessert barThe most irresistible sweet section that you have ever had in your life. 90% of the foodies fall in love with the dessert bar in the first time. The chefs have totally aced the national and international desserts including gulab jamuns, cheese cakes and jalebis.
Main buffetThe main buffet has ever going list of food entrees. There is so much to try from the versatile menu. You can enjoy beef kebabs, Korean chicken noodles, Mexican chicken, chow main and so much more.
Arrival drinksYou can choose among two exotic drinks.

Although the extensive menu of Nishat Hotel’s high tea speaks for itself, the luxury hotel must always win the hearts of its guests by adding the perfect cherries on the top.

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The most cost-effective hi- tea at the best quality:

Speaking of the variety and quality of food and overall experience, this is no less than a world-class luxury hi- tea buffet; what’s more impressive about this is that the entire cost of the hi- tea ranges around Rs.1800+TAX. In contrast, you are most likely to pay above Rs. 2000+TAX at 3 or 4-star luxury hotels and average restaurants. You can further cut costs by paying through your MCB credit card and get a 40% DISCOUNT on the entire menu. Then, subscribe to the Nishat Hotel newsletter and keep yourself updated with the special weekend offers and tasty rewards.

Pair food with the tea like a pro:

Although you have a lot of choices on the menu to combine and explore for yourself. Here are a few tried and tested combos from the food experts:

  • If you are a black tea lover, go for food items that have a very mild flavor
  • Tea with citrus flavors such as ‘Darjeeling’ and ‘lemon grass’ goes best with sweet things such as a slice of cheesecake
  • Green tea goes best with meat, chicken, and seafood

Are you planning to visit Lahore for some time?

Add on to your luxury list a total royal luxury hotel stay at the Nishat Hotel and book yourself the most elite suite or room. Take your romantic partners or plan a fun weekend at the most luxurious hotel. Enjoy the extreme perks of the best food and most elegant hotel room packed with top-notch necessities such as a lavish indoor swimming pool, luxury gym, built-in mega shopping mall, and the finest fine-dine restaurant.

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