Best Hi Tea In Lahore – Get Up To 40% Discount (Updated 2024)

May 8, 2024

Are you looking for a sophisticated high tea experience in Lahore? Look no further than the Nishat Hotel, a renowned establishment offering a world-class hi-tea buffet. This blog will explore everything you need to know, including the ambiance, menu options, and ways to save on your visit.

Best Hi-Tea Lahore: What To Expect At The Nishat Hotel?

Whether you are looking for a perfect birthday hi-tea, a romantic anniversary hi-tea, friends or colleagues getting along, or just you treating yourself. The Nishat Hotel has got you covered in every aspect.

Exquisite Setting and Relaxed Ambiance

The Nishat Hotel exudes luxury with its modern twist on nterior design. Comfortable furniture, captivating lighting, and a royal atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for indulging in fresh pastries, delicate finger sandwiches, and a steaming cup of tea.

Unwinding and Enjoying Your Way

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or simply catching up with friends or
colleagues, the Nishat Hotel caters to your needs. While the setting allows for proper etiquette if you desire, it also offers a relaxed and private space for informal gatherings.

A Delectable Hi-Tea Menu (Price: PKR 2650+tax)

The highlight of the experience is the extensive hi-tea menu, featuring a delightful mix of lighter
and more substantial fare to suit all palates. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:


  • Garde Manger: This section is a crowd-pleaser, offering a variety of miniature
    sandwiches, assorted chutneys, and Lahore’s iconic street food like gol gappay, chaat,
    and dahi bhalay.
  • Soups: From hot and sour to sweet chili, the Nishat Hotel boasts a selection of flavorful soups to warm your heart.
  • Dessert Bar: Brace yourself for an irresistible selection of national and international
    desserts, including melt-in-your-mouth gulab jamuns, decadent cheesecakes, and crispy jalebis.
  • Main Buffet: This section offers a diverse range of savory options, from succulent beef kebabs to Korean chicken noodles, Mexican specialties, and chow mein.
  • Arrival Drinks: Choose from two exotic beverages to kick off your hi-tea experience.

What's on the menu?

This is probably one of the best menus for hi tea in Lahore. Nishat focuses more on lighter and balanced flavors for everybody to be able to enjoy. It is classic yet scrumptious. The food categories are as follows:

Category Elements
Garde Manager This section is a show stealer of the entire hi tea menu. You can enjoy miniature sandwiches, assorted sauces and chutneys, traditional street food of Lahore such as gol-gappay, chaat, dahi bhalay etc.
Soups Soups are mostly everyone’s favorite and the reason why Nishat makes sure to impress all its guests to enjoy the best and authentic kind of soup recipes. Hot and sour, sweet chili, you name it and they have it.
Dessert bar The most irresistible sweet section that you have ever had in your life. 90% of the foodies fall in love with the dessert bar in the first time. The chefs have totally aced the national and international desserts including gulab jamuns, cheese cakes and jalebis.
Main buffet The main buffet has ever going list of food entrees. There is so much to try from the versatile menu. You can enjoy beef kebabs, Korean chicken noodles, Mexican chicken, chow mein and so much more.
Arrival drinks You can choose among two exotic drinks.
Although the extensive menu of Nishat Hotel’s high tea speaks for itself, the luxury hotel must always win the hearts of its guests by adding the perfect cherries on the top.

Special Offers and Savings

While the Nishat Hotel offers exceptional value for its world-class hi-tea, you can further enhance your savings with these options:

MCB Card Discounts: Enjoy significant discounts depending on your MCB card:

  • 40% discount for MCB Signature Card holders (with a cap)
  • 40% discount for MCB Visa Platinum Debit & Credit cards (with a cap)
  • 30% discount for MCB Visa Gold Debit & Credit cards (with a cap)
  • Weekend discounts (Friday-Sunday) on MCB Islamic Bank cards (varying cap limits)

HBL Bank Card Discounts: Check the hotel for details on current HBL Bank card offers (details available upon request).


Faysal Bank Card Discount: Get a flat 20% discount on all Faysal Bank cards (up to PKR 5000).

Pro Tip: Pairing Food with Tea

To elevate your hi-tea experience, try these expert-recommended pairings:
  • Black tea: Choose mild-flavored food items to complement the bold taste.
  • Citrus teas (Darjeeling, lemon grass): Pair perfectly with sweet treats like cheesecake.
  • Green tea: Ideal with meat, chicken, and seafood dishes.

Beyond Hi-Tea: A Luxurious Escape

Consider extending your indulgence with a stay at the Nishat Hotel. Book a luxurious suite or room and enjoy exceptional amenities like a lavish indoor pool, a state-of-the-art gym, a built-in shopping mall, and a fine-dining restaurant. The Nishat Hotel hi-tea promises an unforgettable afternoon filled with delectable food, a relaxing ambiance, and potential savings. Make your reservation today and experience a touch of luxury!

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