9 Etiquette Rules for Dining at the Restaurants in Lahore

Apr 14, 2022

This is the ultimate guide to providing basic dining etiquette so that you don’t embarrass yourself and get ahead for a great dining experience at your favorite restaurants in Lahore.


Getting educated about table manners starts at your home or school when you are little, but it is far more critical to learn dining etiquette rules when you are an adult.


Let’s dive in!

Dining Etiquettes - Rules to Follow at Restaurants in Lahore

While at most of the restaurants in Lahore, you would have to follow the standard dining rules such as; no talking while eating, using the napkin properly, not spilling out food on the table, etc., other restaurants in Lahore are a bit more upgraded and formal when it comes to dining etiquette rules.


Here are some must-follow guidelines for the next time you plan to dine in some fancy restaurants in Lahore:

Rule 1# Always dress nicely:

A person should always be dressed nicely according to the reason for gathering if coming with a company. For example, individuals should prefer wearing more formal clothes such as suits or jackets if they are dining with some corporate guests or colleagues. Whereas if you are coming with friends to chill out and enjoy, you might go a little fancy and funky.

Rule 2# Don’t place your accessories and belongings on the table:

This is one of the most commonly seen trends. People often remember their things such as; keys, cellphones, and purses on the table. This makes a little room for the food, dishes, and utensils to be appropriately placed so that you can eat with your ease.

Rule 3# Don’t lift your menu off the table:

Many people are impulsive in bringing the restaurant menu close to their faces. This is highly unappreciated informal dining. The correct etiquette rule is that your dining menu should be touching your table. You can either place it entirely on the table or move it a little below, but some part of the menu should keep feeling the table

Rule 4# Keep the plate's rim as tidy as possible:

The key to proper dining etiquette is that your leaves should remain tidy. Most people are ignorant about eating correctly, and usually, the food is spilled on the edges and rim of the plate. Be careful with foods that easily get spilled and have a fluid consistency; slow down your hand movements and place a napkin.

Rule 5# Make your guests a priority:

One of the most graceful acts which are highly appreciated while dining at fancy restaurants in Lahore; if you are visiting a restaurant with some guests, make sure they get to order first. If you are the host and the one to call for everybody, start with your guests.

Rule 6# Taking a picture of your food does not look nice:

In a formal dining setting, taking a picture of your food might not look nice. Taking pictures of food for your Instagram and other social media platforms is quite the trend these days, and everybody has started to follow it. However, this act may disrupt other patrons at the place and divert their attention for a while.

Rule 7# Fold the napkin before placing it on your lap:

Placing a napkin on your lap is a formal eating etiquette while visiting any restaurants in Lahore. The proper way to do that is by folding the napkin in half and placing the crease towards yourself. Also, remember that you never wipe out the stains and food remain; instead, you should always dab the food stains, fold back the napkin, and place it properly on your lap.

Rule 8# Don’t reach across the table to try your companion’s food:

There would be situations where you would prefer to go to one of your favorite restaurants in Lahore with a close companion and would love to share a meal. Never try to reach out to your companion’s plate by getting across the table; a proper way is to sample some food on a bread plate and ask them to pass it to you and vice versa.

Rule 9# Never yell at the waiters:

People often take other people for granted the fancy restaurants in Lahore. Everyone in the place should be respected equally. Yelling at waiters and getting agitated about meal delays or unlikely situations makes you look bad. Prefer to make eye contact with a waiter you want to call or raise your hand and wave slightly to get their attention.



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