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Top 4 Birthday Ideas at Best Restaurant in Lahore Gulberg [Complete Guide]

Feb 14, 2022

This article is perfect for those who want to have one of the most memorable birthday party celebrations at one of the best restaurants in Gulberg Lahore!




How to plan a birthday party?




How to keep celebrations under your budget at the restaurants?


Following the goals listed in this article below, you will be able to make your birthday fun, fancy, and still manageable. 

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(2022) Birthday Goals at Best Restaurants in Lahore Gulberg

Planning your birthday at one of the best restaurants in Lahore Gulberg is a great idea to have all the extra fun in 2022! Restaurants have a lot to offer to turn your special day into an ultimate celebration.


But this can also go the other way round; spending a lot on restaurants without planning thoughtfully may become overwhelming when it comes to your budget and total cost.


Here are some goals that can lead to a fantastic birthday party at the best restaurants in Gulberg Lahore. 

Goal 1: Hunting for the perfect birthday packages offered by the best restaurants in Lahore Gulberg

The first goal is to look for the best birthday package at one of the best restaurants in Gulberg Lahore. Most high-rated restaurants offer various birthday packages loaded with many perks and upgrades.


Availing of these birthday packages is an excellent idea for making your birthday memorable and saving big bucks. Usually, the birthday packages include decorations, complimentary birthday cake, discounts on food, reservation, and much more. Visit the best restaurants or check out their birthday packages and check for their availability on your birthday online. 



Goal 2: Tips for a fantastic budgeted birthday at the best restaurants in Lahore!

Candy Bar desert at Birthday

Below are some best low budget birthday party tips to have a successful birthday at your favorite restaurant totally within your budget:


  • Pick a suitable venue – choosing the best venue at a restaurant doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you’re choosing one of their birthday packages; they might even offer you a free space with complimentary birthday decor instead of going for booking the entire room or hall at the restaurant book for a corner table and arrange your birthday decors accordingly.


  • A La Carte vs. Buffet: What to choose? Another great tip is to select buffet over A La Carte. The buffet is the best-budgeted option because the buffet offers a wide range of food at a fixed price, whereas a single A La Carte entree could cost you more than the entire birthday expanse.


  • Send invitations mindfully – it is pretty simple to understand that the longer your guest list becomes; the more money you would have to pay. Instead, go for a mind-complete list of invitations to very close family and friends. Fewer guests also mean that you get to cater to them better and in a more manageable way!


  • Ace the table decor – spending a lot of money on fancy birthday decor is such a waste. A better option is to avail the birthday package offered by the restaurant and let them take care of the fancy part. Most birthday packages offer complimentary table decor. Even if it’s not the case, the total cost of decorations done by the restaurants is much cheaper and more convenient than doing it all by yourself.

Moving on,

Goal 3: Best party games to be played at a restaurant in 2022

No birthday party is complete without the party games, even if you are celebrating at a restaurant. The below-listed party games are a trendsetter in 2022 and will make your guests happy and engaged!


1# Great Minds Think Alike: You have to get a printable version of 5 to 10 questions, and you would want to choose what everyone else chose as the answer; the more number of similar responses means more points earned.


2# Who Am I? You need to draw or give clues for a famous person, and your friends and family would have to guess the correct name.


3# Never Have I Ever: This classic game trend will go through 2022; you can arrange club soda or mint margarita shots and ask questions; your friends will have to take the shot every time the answer is ‘NO.’ 

4# Roll the Bottle: Arrange various milestones, award gifts, or money and ask your friends to roll the bottle and earn the award wherever the bottle stops.


Last on the list is, 

Goal 4: Making your birthday unforgettable

There is no chance you wouldn’t want to make your birthday unforgettable for your close ones and yourself. The little tidbits listed below can add up to a huge birthday bash at one of the best restaurants in Lahore Gulberg!


Here is a check-list of some tidbits,


  • Do a birthday countdown
  • Have a themed birthday party 
  • Get a customized birthday cake 
  • How about some party favors? Give return gifts



To have a magnificent birthday party in 2022 choose Nishat hotel Restaurant, offering 2022s best birthday packages to make your day spark to the fullest!

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