Famous Food of Lahore (Top Places & Address included)

Nov 16, 2022

What to eat during your next trip to the famous Pakistani city of Lahore? Discover 8 of the most famous food of Lahore that are a must for your gastronomic adventure. Start spreading the word. The highlight of any trip to Lahore is dining at one of Pakistan’s finest food in this spectacular city.

Let’s face it, eating on the streets and in fancy restaurants in a city that never sleeps is the best. It is a food hub where you can enjoy exquisite gourmet food from morning to night.

Famous Food of Lahore: 8 Most Iconic Dishes You Must Try

The iconic dishes listed in this give you an authentic taste of Lahore City. They are highly acclaimed and have shaped the modern gastronomy scene. Many were created long ago, while others appeared recently and quickly rose to legendary status. All are worth a try and together contribute to making our city one of the most exciting dining destinations in the world.

Foodies can find famous Lahore food all over the city, from the top of old Lahore to the edge of downtown. And the best? Seasoned diners can spend a little money to eat well in Lahore. In many ways, Lahore is a city of immigrants and millionaires. The immigrants, many of whom arrived over a century after the partition, brought all kinds of food traditions that continue to this day. As for the millionaires, let’s say that they like to eat well. Accordingly, Famous food in Lahore ranges from cheap global eats to the echelon of fine dining.

Feeling overwhelmed? We recommend that you take a deep breath and start your culinary exploration with the following iconic Lahore food favourites:

1: Chicken/Mutton Karahi - Butt Karahi (Lakshmi Chawk)

Everyone’s most-demanded and favourite food! Nobody does mutton and chicken karahi better than them. Both tourists and locals visit this famous eatery in masses every day. What’s most impressive about this place is that the quality and taste of the karahi are always best maintained, and it is specially cooked in butter; the cooking process from beginning to end is mesmerising. You can see your dish getting ready in front of your eyes.

2: Naan Channay (from anywhere for breakfast)

There are many options to choose from; plain chanay, murgh (chicken) chanay or mutton chanay; every corner of Lahore offers extremely delicious chanay, and every vendor gets it right every time. Every single recipe is total magic, with a perfect blend of spices that complement the texture of the chanay, which flawlessly makes this seemingly simple meal delectable.

3: Halwa Puri - Taj Mehal (Taxali Gate)

Halwa puri is another iconic breakfast served best in Lahore. The entire city is filled with places offering yummy halwa puri, but the halwa, puri and chanay served at Taj Mahal are above the rest, and you simply can’t get over the delicious chanay, halwa that melts in your mouth and the delicately soft and fluffy puri.

4: Buffalo Wings - Bistro by Nishat Hotel (Johar Town)

A good portion of the wings is guaranteed to hit your tastebuds. And while the deep-fried, hot-he sauce-covered version at the Nishat Hotel’s bistro Restaurant is still the king of chicken wings, there are many things to do and taste at this world-class hotel, along with trying their signature chicken wings.

5: Fried Rahu Fish - Bashir Dar-ul-Mahi (Mozang)

Nobody can resist the love for delicious fried fish. Especially fresh fish doesn’t get any fresher than Bashir’s Rahu fries. Served with delicious Aal Bukhara chutney, this is the most-demanded, famous food of Lahore, especially in winter.

6: Taka Tak - Cafe Riaz (Samnabad)

If you don’t know what Taka Tak is, it is a special meat dish popular throughout Pakistan, especially in Lahore. It is a dish made from offal (i.e., a mixture of various meat organs), including testicles, brain, kidney, heart, liver, lungs and lamb chops in butter. Cafe Riaz is the best place in Lahore to give you the flavour of authentic spices and flavour.

7: Chicken/Mutton/Nalli Nihare - Waris Nihari House (Anarkali)

Nihari is not only a popular breakfast among Lahoris, but this is one of the famous dishes that is loved at any hour of the day. You can enjoy various options of nihari, including; chicken, mutton, beef, nalli and others. This includes a fine blend of spices into the gravy and incredibly tender meat. The dish is garnished with garlic, green chilli and herbs and served with sizzling hot naan, roti or tandoori kulchas.

8: Falooda - Baba Ji (Muslim Town)

Foodies worldwide drool over this fantastic desert from the Mughal era. Falooda is a cold desert prepared using milk, ice cream, cornstarch noodles, rose syrup and sweet basil seeds. This is a trendy dessert among Lahoris, and if you are visiting Lahore, there is no chance that you will miss this unrivalled famous food of Lahore.

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