Hotel Vs. Motel: Similarities, Differences & More

Feb 24, 2022

Many of you have been travailing to different places worldwide and would have come across the term” motel.” The motel culture is their room centuries in other parts of the world, but a larger population doesn’t have a good understanding about;


What is a motel?


How is a motel different from a hotel?


Is 5-star hotel room price better than that of a motel?


And most of all,


Hotel vs. Motel; Which is better and cost-effective?


Don’t worry! This article has got your back on a complete understanding of every aspect of a motel compared to that of the hotel. 


Let’s dive in!

Hotel vs. Motel: Comparing 5-Star Hotel Room Price & More

Most of us are constantly struggling to find the best accommodation for our vacations, business trips, visits, and various other reasons. Having a clear understanding of a motel compared to a hotel can help you decide mindfully, especially regarding price and facilities.

What is a motel?

Motels were established in the early 20th century when people would travel for days and weeks due to minimal model of transplantation. However, as transportation grew with the advancement of the automobile industry, motels became a golden business. 


In-fact! The word motel came from the two words; Motor and hotel. 


Cutting the story short and easy motels have the following features;


  • Motels are usually located outside the main cities and always in proximity to highways and roads, which lead to the best tourist attractions. 
  • Motels generally offer short stays and do not have any commentary services such as a commentary breakfast, upgrades, many luxuries, and choices. 
  • Since motels only provide the basic needs to people traveling for a short stay, people often find the prices cheaper than a hotel. 



What's the difference between a hotel and a motel?

As discussed above, motels are a cheaper and limited version of a hotel; a hotel itself has a whole different concept. Hotels are usually located in the best and most porch locations and appeal to guests with countless luxuries, facilities, offers, and fancy lodging.


You can enjoy high-end luxuries in a hotel, such as; swimming pools, gym, restaurants, and much more, whereas a motel only offers a hearty meal and a small room to stay – and that is it.


Considering the property and space, hotels today compete to reach the biggest expands, and the sky is the only limit. For example, you could see multistory sky-scrapers as hotels, those expanded to endless territories, and those with gigantic complexes of various rooms and penthouses. On the contrary, motels have a cliché building of two stories with outdoor room entrances concise parking outside.


Still can’t get the idea? The main differences are summarized in a simple table below.

Hotel vs. Motel: Table of comparison

Motels differ from hotels in various aspects which are summarized in the following table;


Basic concept The concept of hotels is to provide luxury lodging to the guests for short-term to long-term stays by offering many amenities and services.Motels provide a short-term stay to people traveling on highways looking for a temporary stay with basic food and room without any extra ease and comfort.
Property size Single story to multistory buildings with numerous rooms, suites, apartments, and penthouses.Single to double story building with tiny spacious rooms which are interconnected and have an external entrance.
Cost The cost of a hotel stay can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of bucks, depending on the rating, type of room, and the number of guests.The cost is significantly less than high-ranked hotels due to the lack of amenities, choices, and services.
Location It is ideally located close to essential healthcare centers, malls, police stations, and other critical nearby places.Located near the highways and usually on the outskirts of the city.
Facilities and services The hospitality industry is about offering more and better facilities and services to attract a maximum number of guests and customers. For this reason, there are many facilities you can get at hotels, including; swimming pools, jacuzzi, gym, restaurants, outdoor areas, gardens, malls, etc.Motels don’t offer any amenities that come under the hotels to make it short. You will not find any swimming pools, room options, fitness and wellness amenities, or anything other than a substantial meal and a small room with limited furniture in a motel.


Landing on the last part,

Why should you choose a 5-star hotel room over a motel?

Although motels are a much cheaper option when compared with 5-star hotel room price when it comes to ease, satisfaction, and opportunities, even the smallest amount of money spent on a motel gets wasted. 


Hotels are one o the most comfortable accommodation options, equipped with every facility and ready to meet any emergency and last-minute scenarios. 


The luxuries you get at a 5-star hotel room price are worth it when it adds up with huge discounts, golden offers, and complimentary services. 

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