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Kids Activities in Lahore: Largest Theme Park to Explore

Mar 17, 2022

The season of kids activities in Lahore is just around the corner; just like adventure lovers, if you have been planning ideas for fun for your kids, here is a gateway to the all-inclusive amusement package that will mark the best joy for kids this season, we call it the – Fun Factory!


If you desire an indoor theme park with the best throw machines, fantastic games, and the best fun kid’s activities in Lahore, Fun Factory Emporium Mall comes on the top.


This blog has the best pick for the fantastic indoor theme park offering the best kids’ activities in Lahore.


Let’s jump into the fun!

The Largest Indoor Theme Park for Kids Activities in Lahore

If your kids are real thrill-seekers, they would never want to miss out on all the fun activities in Lahore at Pakistan’s largest indoor theme park.


Fun Factory is located in the Emporium Mall of Lahore.

A little sneak-peek into the Emporium Mall:

Emporium Mall Lahore is the most loved and visited mega-mall of Lahore; it is a project of the Nishat Hotels. It has over hundreds of intentional and high-end retail stores, one of the most exciting food court, including your kid’s favorite eateries, and tons of toys for kids.


The best part of the Emporium Mall that makes the families love this fantastic spot is the Emporium Mall cinema – the Universal Cinema. The Emporium Mall Lahore timing is flexible for bringing your kids and the weekend family days make the fun grow bigger!


  • Emporium mall contact number: (042) 32592000
  • Emporium mall timing: 
















Moving on, 

The best amusement park for kid’s activities in Lahore - the Fun Factory:

Fun factory offers 6 different fun activity sectors for kids, which is the most popular theme park in Pakistan. This indoor theme park has a record-breaking visitor since its opening at the Emporium Mall.


The top highlights of Fun Factory Emporium Mall:


1# The Circus

2# Dark City

3# Fantasy Land

4# Carnival Zone

5# Emporium Express

6# Ice Rink

Located in the most iconic location of Johar Town, this indoor theme park is home to one of the best kids’ activities in Lahore. 


Let’s break down every aspect of the Fun Factory to explore more!


1# The Circus – this is the best facility for your little ones. The Circus is full of colors, joy, and amusement; even your toddlers are going to love this area. There are clowns, a soft play spot, a start dancer joy ride, and the most-loved carousal. 

2# Dark City – this is the most fantastic city your kids are ever going to explore. Packed with the best fun facilities, Dark City offers the following outstanding facilities for your kids:


  • Magic Bikes
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • Gyro Spin
  • Daytona USA Championship
  • Glitron Blitz
  • Dodgem Cars
  • Happy Butterfly
  • Micro 8
  • Poly-P



3# Fantasy Land – as the name suggests, the Fantasy Land is going to stir all the joy and happiness into great moments your kids would be having. This fun pack has various kids’ activities such as; throw machines, different amazing rides, the iconic augmented wall, the circus train, fantasy beach safari, and much more!

4# Carnival Zone – this zone features Fun Factory’s most fantastic arcade games. Kids visiting Fun Factory love this mini arcade center of Lahore with the most exciting games list, including:


  • Carnival
  • Ticket Circus
  • Clowning Around
  • Ticket Zone
  • Lane Master
  • Spin & win

5# Emporium Express – Emporium Express is the most enjoyable train ride throughout the Emporium Mall, a mini treat that will give the perfect adrenalin rush to the little kids.

6# Ice Rink – this is the coolest, must-try kid’s activity to enjoy exclusively at the Fun Factory. The Ice Rink is all there for the kids to enjoy and experience ice skating fun, and the staff is always there to supervise your kids along with you throughout.

This is not it!


The best part of the Fun Factory: the unique packages & deals that you can get! The Fun Factory has the most fantastic birthday and school trip packages; bring yourself booked, and the theme park team will take care of everything. 


Well, the craze is not over; your kids can enjoy much more of the adventure by getting the ‘Fun Card’ and epic deals to save bucks and top of the fun!


What’s in it for you? Exploring fun kids’ activities in Lahore is no more a hassle. If you want to make the entire thing the best experience for yourself and your family, then head on to the Nishat Hotels for your luxury hotel stay. The hotel is built in the Emporium Mall, making it the best adventure package for this season. 


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