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Free Hi-Tea & Buffet at Lemon Garden Emporium Mall

Oct 5, 2022

Mark the Dates of Flamboyant Lemon Garden Lahore - Emporium

Dates to Visit Lemon Garden: 15th September till 14th October


Lemon Garden Hi-Tea (PKR 1999 + Tax Per Person) Lemon Garden Lahore Dinner Buffet (PKR 2899 + Tax Per Person)
  • SLOT 1 (1 PM-2:30 PM)
  • SLOT 2 (3 PM-4:30 PM)
  • SLOT 3 (5 PM-6:30 PM)
 (7:30 PM-10:30 PM) ONLY

Wait! You don’t have to pay for the lavish food when you can get a FREE Lemon Garden Hi-tea & Buffet; wondering how? Keep reading.

Do you fantasies about your favorite foods and retail brand shopping in the middle of a radiant lemon garden? Aint this the most citrus affair in the fall? You are lucky because the Emporium Mall invites you to its delicious Lemon Garden.

The celebrations come with huge surprises, offers and significant discounts. The Emporium Mall gets an all-natural and refreshing facelift with lemon trees throughout the space, including the magnificent Nishat Hotel.

Jaw-Dropping Bumper Offers

  • Shop for Rs.25000 and claim 1 Lemon Garden Hi-tea for FREE
  • Shop for Rs.50000 and claim 1 dinner buffet for FREE

Nishat Lemon Garden Hi-tea is a big win for a limited time. The Lemon Garden Hi-tea menu is loaded with tasty food options such as a great salad bar, scrumptious continental cousins, juiciest stakes, the utterly delicious desi and much more.

What’s more? You get an INSTANT 40% DISCOUNT on MCB cards!

Note: Read Lemon Garden Terms & Conditions.

Due to the overwhelming response of our lovely guests, which includes A-list celebrities, international visitors and our beloved residents of the incredible country, we have extended Lemon Garden to your favourite zones throughout the Emporium Mall.

Incredible Opportunities at the Lemon Garden - Emporium Mall

A Fresh Approach to Shopping!

With hundreds of high street and artisans retail brand stores, the Emporium Mall has something for everyone. Make your shopping experience even zestier by shopping at the Lemon Garden Lahore and discovering free hi-tea and buffets.

The Yumminess of Food at the Lemon Garden Emporium

You are welcome to the juiciest food court, where you can find your favourite food outlets and indoor dining options. Lemon Graden Emporium has extended to the Nishat Bistro Restaurant. Indulge in the garden-fresh lemon vibe and enjoy mouthwatering cuisines.

The Nation’s Best Indoor Theme Park X Lemon Garden Lahore

Oh yeh! You guessed it right, our tangy lemons have grown to the Fun Factory Park, adding much more colour and a yummy atmosphere for the kids. We are home to unique attractions, the best virtual reality space, buzzing rides, lavish party areas and unbelievable fun.

Catch Films Before Everyone Else

Universal Cinema at the Emporium Mall believes in creating a magical theatre experience through unrivalled cinema services given to each guest. Now it’s time for a sweet lime. We have the best movies, and we have them before anybody, so if you want to gather all the movie spoilers to tease your friends and family, catch the blockbuster movies immediately!

Lemon Garden Emporium is Celebrities' Crush

Lemon Garden is always blessed with celebrities, mega-stars, and bloggers. Emporium Mall has always been the hub of celebrity spottings. Visit Lemon Garden Lahore now; you never know who will come across you in this fruity garden. The Nishat Lemon Garden Hi-tea is for a limited time! Avail up to a 40% Discount by paying through your MCB cards.

Quince Your Wandering Thirst at the Lemon Garden Burst!

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