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How is Life in Lahore Actually – Food & Culture

Oct 4, 2022

The era of 2022 is fast-paced and ever-changing. People move from small to bigger cities and from rural areas to the posh. The trends of modernization and industrialization are global. However, some iconic cities in the world still manage to retain their authentic essence by preserving their authenticity while transitioning into mega-city. This blog gives you a deeper insight into how is life in Lahore actually and what to expect on your next visit to the city of gardens. Let’s dive in!

Posh & Vintage in 2022: How is Life in Lahore Actually?

The rich history and architecture have always been the primary cause of attraction for tourists and people. Still, as time has changed, Lahore has shown its worth by developing in every sector. Over the past decades, there has been an immense territorial expanse with significant upgrades in the health, hospitality, tourism, education, retail, and real estate domains. Today Lahore is known to be the land of opportunities. It attracts people from around Pakistan and other parts of the world due to its modernization, posh lifestyles, growing industrialization, and never-ending liveliness.

Best places to live in Lahore and the cost of living:

There is a reason why people are moving from the outskirts to the more developed areas. Considering the trends, the real estate sector has heightened its game by creating more great housing options for people. Some of the most luxurious places to live in Lahore include:

  • Bahria Town
  • DHA Lahore
  • Model Town
  • Askari
  • Park View City
  • Model Town
  • Kings Town
  • Johar Town
  • Gulberg
  • Garden Town

The cost of housing and living depends on many factors. All these housing societies and areas charge heavy rent ranging from 10k-30k for a 2-bedroom apartment. The reason these areas are facilitated with all the luxuries such as mega malls, hospitals, and restaurants being in capacity, people still prefer to live in the best available options.

Night Life of Lahore:

A city that never sleeps: Lahore is open and energetic all night. People love to stay up till late at night, hanging in bazaars, local and high-end eateries, malls, and places. Talking about the nightlight of Lahore, it is worth mentioning that there are specific places in ‘old Lahore’ that are open and bustling with the crowd at night and attend tourists and people for the most delicious food, art, and craft.

The golden age of fashion and glamor:

The fashion industry has bloomed to its maximum potential in the current times with a significant infusion of western and eastern designers, fusion, youth-led fashion campaigns, and increasing interest of residents in the glamor world. Not many people would know, but fashion has always been a hot topic in Lahore. The city discovered many legendary fashion designers such as; Natasha Kamal, HSY, MNR, Nilopher Shahid, and Ali Xeshaan, to name a few who genuinely turned the tables of the fashion game.

The gems of the Hospitality industry:

One of the most demanded and booked 5-star luxury hotels is located in Lahore. The Nishat Hotels are one of the most prominent names. Carrying its legacy and being the only hotel with the ISO certification, Nishat Hotels are growing and prospering in Lahore with its hospitality and real-estate assets. If you are looking forward to visiting Lahore, make sure you book with the Nishat Hotel to have a world-class experience of a hotel stay with extended luxuries such as a magnificent indoor swimming pool, top-notch gym, and exclusive offers and discounts.


That’s the motto, Lahore is known for its legendary spices, flavors, and eateries that were there even before the times of partition. As a thriving modern city with luxury fine-dine hotels such as the Bistro and Cube, which offer continental and Indo-Pak cuisines, the city is primarily loved for its local and street food. No other city in the country or the world can beat the mystic and aromatic dishes of Lahore.

With food comes the leisure of shopping. If you are a shopaholic, you are at the right place because nowhere else can you find a world-class mega mall such as Emporium Mall and others.

Lahore has its charm and unraveled legacies and cultures, which can only be experienced in this fantastic city. Every corner, every street, and every red-bricked vintage building will get you absorbed into its tale.

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