Hotels in Gulberg – 7 Myths Debunked in 2022

Jun 13, 2022

The hospitality industry was one of the biggest industries responsible for the global economy before the COVID-19 had hit the world. Even after facing several unprecedented challenges, the hotels in Gulberg can make a high turnover of customers since the pandemic restrictions have been uplifted.

Debunking 7 Myths about Hotels in Gulberg

Even in the current times, when everything is pretty much gone back to normal, there are still so many myths circulating regarding the hotel industry nationally and internationally. So let’s debunk the most commonly known myths regarding the hotels in Gulberg for once and all.

Myth # 1: Technology is going to take over hotels

There are a lot of technology upgrades to see in the best hotels in Gulberg you may see digital hotel bookings, artificial intelligence customer care services, digital check-in and check-out, and much more. It is wrong that robots or AI would monitor the entire hotel. Technology seems to gain more traction and improve over time, but human connection is crucial for the hospitality industry, which bots cannot replace.

Myth # 2: Dealing with the chores is the only responsibility of the hotel staff

Undoubtedly the hotel staff has to do many chores such as cleaning the dishes, preparing rooms, mopping the area, dusting, washing, taking orders, delivering food, in-room services, and more, but this is not it. The hospitality staff has many other operational tasks to make sure for your best experience at hotels in Gulberg. The team also has to deal with:

  • Managerial roles
  • Revenue statistics
  • Catering
  • Sales and human resources
  • Event planning and management
  • Bookings
  • Renovation
  • Creative idea

Myth # 3: Luxury hotels in Gulberg don’t pay their employees enough

While this might be true for some quality hotels, talking about the best 5-star hotels in Lahore – the hotels pay their employees enough to carry out their lives quickly. Employees extra bonuses, part-time job opportunities, paid time off, holidays on special occasions and festivals, maternity and medical leaves, and annual salary increments. The more you go upwards from the middle-managerial roles to executive posts, the more perks are given.

Myth # 4: Hotel workers are uneducated

This is the most common and most false belief of people around. Hospitality staff has to face a lot of stigmas against their so-called illiteracy. In contrast, the truth is that if a person has to succeed in their hospitality career, they must require a significant amount of education, training, and preparation to deal with national and international guests. Some staff members even need to learn more than one language and do extra diplomas as required.

Myth # 5: You mostly get to see women workers

Like other working sectors and industries, the hospitality industry is very serious about gender equality in the hotels in Gulberg. The women workforce is terrific in the hotels, but they are given appropriate roles and duties, so this goes for the men too. While the salary scale and treatment are equal in the best hotels, this cannot be said for the mediocre and two, three-star hotels.

Myth # 6: Hotel chefs are only limited to the cooking and confined to the kitchen

This has been a myth going on for decades. The modern chefs in Gulberg hotels are no more limited and confined to cooking and the kitchen. The master chefs are trained for world-class culinary service, which is more than merely cooking. The chefs appointed at the hotels in Gulberg have to research a lot and create new recipes. They travel to different places and learn about authentic ingredients and tastes. Continuous education is the new thing in town. The chefs have to keep learning and educating themselves to meet updated customs, trends, dishes, presentations, decor, and platting.

Myth # 7: There might be some hidden cameras in the hotel rooms

If you still believe that trust me, you are watching many mystery movies. But, of course, high-standard hotels will never do that because that is totally against the privacy policy. So, for example, there might be cameras where needed, such as; at the entrance, lobby, in-house restaurants, and parking for security purposes, but it is strictly against the law to install cameras in the private spaces of the guests.

The Bottom Line

There are endless myths and superstitions regarding the best hotels in Gulberg or anywhere around the globe. The hotels are safe and up-to mark; the hotel staff and chefs are highly trained, educated, and trained to deliver the best service to every guest. Still in doubt? No worries, pack your bags and book with Nishat Hotels in Gulberg right now because there are no better options to make sure everything is just perfect for your personalized experience.

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