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Pakistan Tourism Guide: Explore The Wonders

Nov 27, 2023

New experiences come with both elation and knowledge. Many ways can be used to bring new experiences on the board but there’s nothing better than visiting a new place. Such people are why Pakistan has been gaining recognition for its tourism. Tourism in Pakistan slowly but surely growing. Its diversity attracts people to come visit and experience many different cultures and their traditions.

Traversing Tourism In Pakistan: Unveiling An Exceptional Journey

Various factors make up tourism in Pakistan; such as cultural diversity, expendable hospitality, mouth-watering cuisines, and much more. A trip around Pakistan has its stages.

Tourism in Pakistan helps promote its natural beauty and it also helps to further maintain everything. With each coming day, tourism becomes a bigger and bigger part of Pakistan’s economy.

Keeping Up with The Standards

Tourism in Pakistan took its first steps in the 1960s. Infrastructure was built around the goal of diversifying the economy. As time went on, Pakistan deepened its foundation with the introduction of the Karakoram Highway.

The Karakoram Highway made spots such as Hunza Valley and the infamous mountain ranges accessible. This all just means that with time, transport and many hotels kept being shaped around this growing industry.

All this indicates that accommodation should be improved as well. Many hotels started to branch out as there was money to be made with tourism in Pakistan. Have you been in search of the best accommodation in Pakistan? We’ve got your back.

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Hospitality Meets Its Home

Pakistan is known for its kind and hospitable people. Now that your experiences can be shared online, it’s become apparent that Pakistan isn’t just any place. Pakistan is now known as one of the most welcoming and friendly countries.

With the rise of the internet and social media, many travelers have shared their views on tourism in Pakistan and this has massively increased tourism as such great reviews create the wish to visit Pakistan one day.

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The warmth provided by the people of Pakistan attracts many tourists. Not only that but the cuisines and food available in Pakistan are one of a kind.

1)  Biryani

2)  Kebabs

3)  Karahi

Such dishes help Pakistan in creating a footprint in the food world.

A Sustainable Tour Worth It All

It’s indeed a fact that beauty follows you wherever you travel while in Pakistan. Now that tourism in Pakistan is becoming a big thing, Action is being taken to preserve Pakistan’s natural beauty.

Preserving Pakistan’s natural beauty and culture is a big thing for sustainable tourism. Eco-tourism is being promoted to minimise the environmental effect on all of the ecosystems. All this is just to minimise the carbon footprint.

 National Parks are being constructed to maintain wildlife and save them from potential extinction. Not only that but protected areas also help look after vegetation and landscapes. 

Pakistan has been putting effort into promoting tourism for those who respect its cultural heritage.

A Site To Behold

Pakistan is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites. Each one of these sites contains a unique cultural and historical value. They also hold a really important role when it comes to tourism in Pakistan. Like many, some of these sites include:

  • Taxila: Taxila is an ancient archaeological centre of learning and commerce. With its Buddhist monasteries and historical remains, it has a really important function as a tourist spot.
  • Shalamar Gardens: A Mughal-style terraced garden mostly known for its fountain and water features. Mostly linked with the Lahore Fort which is a tourist spot too.
  • Rohtas Fort: A 16th-century fort known for its military fortification. It has massive defensive walls and tactical architecture.

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Concluding Thoughts

Tourism in Pakistan plays a big part in its economy. As the country developed, so did the tourism. Infrastructure and Transport started to morph into the direction of tourist attractions. With time, Pakistan developed tourism abilities. A major part of tourism becoming big was the welcoming nation. The hospitable Pakistanis welcomed tourists with big arms. Travelers/Tourists sharing their experiences online further helped in the total growth of this industry. All this is exciting but as you explore, you’ll need that rest in a bit. For that, Book your grand experience with Nishat Hotel to boost your tour to the next level!

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